Kakegurui Episode 5: Debts flying everywhere

I'm not sure whether it was a translation issue or the split into two episodes, but the debt transfer in this game definitely took some research to understand. I think I have a handle on it now, though. Mary self-reported a debt of 260 million to Ryouta, which led the student council to pay him the 260 million so that they could assume Mary's full reported debt of 310 million. That debt then got transferred from the student council over to Kiwatari when the game concluded.

Second place and third place ended up being simpler than expected since Tsubomi reported the second-highest debt and Yumeko reported the third-highest debt. As such, their debts didn't change. Yumeko still owes her full 310 million. The series has pretty much shown that she doesn't care about her debt, though, so I'm actually not sure whether Mary will give her the 260 million she received from Ryouta or not. I'm not even sure which scenario I would find better.

Now that the debt-related conversation is out of the way, I'm not sure I was totally on board with the rest of the episode. Tsubomi's betrayal was pretty good because they set it up and gave her strong motivation, but Kiwatari just felt like an idiot the whole time. His reactions to the bluffs seemed really simplistic and he just kept getting further characterized as a terrible person who deserved to lose.

The fact that Yumeko isn't swayed by money makes her an interesting wild card in this series. The twist of this game ended up being the most unexpected one so far. I wasn't sure how they were going to declare a winner with two major characters in a table, but it makes a lot more sense if Yumeko doesn't care. I honestly expected her to be freed from debt out of the sheer fact that she's the main character.

Oh yeah...this whole "leading Tsubomi to the light" thing was a nice touch.

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