Re:Creators Episode 16: Preparing for the final fight

This week's episode ended up being pretty chill as we reach the final moments before the big battle. I'm really curious about how the Birdcage business is going to play out because we still seem to have a lot of time left in the series. The somewhat carefree mood of this episode combined with that makes me wonder if we're in for some pain in the next episode. We know this is a series that's not afraid to kill a major character after all.

But hey...with the breaks that this series has been taking with episode releases, maybe we're just in for an extended slugfest of a finale. We've been given a lot of setup in the past few episodes. The new characters on Altair's side need to interact with the main characters. Alicetaria still has to reveal her secret plan involving Magane. And if everyone potentially has new powers, there could be quite a lot to see.

I wasn't sure about Selesia's driving scene at the beginning of the episode, but it made a lot more sense when Vogelchevalier appeared near the end. I guess it's also a throwback to the first episode of the series, which is a nice thing to do right before you head into a "final" battle. Still, I have to wonder if Rui would have been more appropriate, but I suppose he's already had his leisurely drive with Sota.

I'm a bit curious about this scene with Meteora and Suruga. Suruga is Blitz Talker's creator, so she probably has to handicap him in some way in the final battle. But something about this scene makes me wonder why Meteora felt the need to ask whether she was truly okay. Was this just innocuous?

I don't really have a problem with drunk Kikuchihara, but it feels a bit cheap to have the characters comment on how hard her job is when we don't really have much of an indication as the audience. I get that organizing an event of this scale would be difficult, but we could at least get some sense that she's doing everything herself.

I had to include this scene. It's just too real, man...

Is the secret weapon just the character that Sota's creating? Surely, it can't be that important, so maybe there's something more going on. This seems like a bit of a cruel tease...

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