Made in Abyss Episode 4: First day in the deep

It felt like a lot of this episode was giving us a good look at the first layer (looked pretty nice too). Not a whole lot happened, but I liked how the episode messed with standard perceptions. We spend an entire episode worrying about how Riko and Reg will be able to escape the human cave raiders sent to bring them back. But when one appears, he acts as an ally who supports them on their way.

At the end, there's this huge feeling of relief from Riko, but in reality, it's more like the start of the danger. The whole episode basically frames around a simple idea, but reveals that it's nothing compared to the true gravity of the situation. We also see this in the way Reg casually brings up that Leader saw through him.

While I'm on the subject of Habo, I want to go on record and say that it seems odd that he would support Riko. Sure, he would best understand what she's trying to accomplish, but he would also best understand how daunting the task is. With the children, I could rationalize it by saying that kids don't understand, but Habo can't really use the same excuse.

Was I the only one who thought the jumping spider monster looked really strange? It was like there was some kind of weird blurring effect that I think I noticed in the bird near the end of the episode as well. Not only that, the actual jumping of the spider didn't look like it was going as far as it was supposed to go.

Final question: what's up with the compass? Is it supposed to be some kind of throwaway? I don't understand how a compass that always points down is ever useful. It did get lost in the river in this episode, but I'm not convinced that it's gone for good. It just feels like too much time has been devoted to it already. It has to be important, right?

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