Princess Principal Episode 3: We have the technology

I guess this week's episode is going back to normal (in a way) with a standard mission to introduce Beatrice as a character. And there will likely be more introductions to come given that we haven't even met the ninja character yet. While I find Beatrice annoying, I don't mind how she was presented in this episode. She's traumatized by her past and permanently altered as a result, but she still manages to use it to her advantage in the episode.

The split between Ange and Charlotte is still pretty confusing. I'll probably continue to refer to them by their public names. Charlotte's self-esteem makes me wonder if Ange just thought her personality wasn't appropriate for a princess. They make for an interesting pair too, since Ange wishes to use her spy training to run away with Charlotte while Charlotte wishes to become queen to gain the authority to be with Ange.

The main part of this episode that really stuck out to me was the fact that Beatrice was with Ange in the first place. I get that she's part of the spy school now, but why wouldn't she want to stay next to the princess in this situation? And the fact that she's with Ange pretty much propels the episode forward, so this seems a bit important.

I was initially questioning how the voice imitation gimmick even worked out because Beatrice entered the room after the man had already killed himself. But I went back and examined the scenes. She probably got it from when she and Ange were listening in on the guy's conversation in the switchboard room.

This episode also confirmed the direction of this series. It's moving through the past events leading up to what happens in the first episode. That makes me wonder if the spies' plans fail and the first episode is meant to show that Charlotte is still unable to become queen by the end. Maybe I'm just a pessimist, but it would explain why the first episode was so unassuming.

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