Kakegurui Episode 4: Back to poker

I'm shifting the schedule around because there's no episode of Re:Creators this week.

This episode is really keeping things fresh for the series. This is the first game where the game itself wasn't decided by one of the players, allowing for a more even cheating ground. It's also the first game that isn't a straight one-on-one and it's potentially the first time we see Yumeko cheating (if she's really working with Mary). So far, Yumeko has taken advantage of her opponents, but this episode seems to be suggesting some potential collusion.

That being said, the scenario proposed in this episode seemed a bit strange. I honestly wasn't expecting Mary and Yumeko to be put into the same group because the group system doesn't seem very great for teamwork. Since they're not gaining any money and only one debt is forgiven, what bargaining chips do the players have for working together?

The game itself is also a little confusing, since the fact that you can't see both of your cards seems to make it really tough to play as strategically as you would in a normal poker format. Given what the organizer said about cheating, it's like the game is designed to encourage the players to cheat. The best way to get a handle on the game is to have someone else tell you what card you have.

Did anyone else find the introduction of Ikishima Midari to be a bit strange in this episode? She doesn't really have much purpose in the game, so why is she appearing? Does she have some hidden influence? Or is she just being set up as the next person in line to face Yumeko? It's true that she seems to be very similar to Yumeko in terms of their approaches to gambling, so she could be an interesting addition.

I'm curious to see how this game will go. From my eyes, it's obvious that Kiwatari's supposed to be the weakest player at the table despite his initial boasting. I refuse to believe that the deadpan girl filling the fourth slot is just a random side character with no purpose in the game.

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