Made in Abyss Episode 3: Jumping in

This episode felt so strange because it seemed to be making me question so many of the assumptions I'm used to making in anime. Was everything up to this point really just a prologue? I'm having trouble believing that characters like Nat, Shiggy, and Leader are just left behind in favor of Riko's grand journey. It's not even a complaint. The atmosphere of the episode made it so difficult to believe the gravity of Riko's decision to go down into the Abyss forever that I was expecting it to go awry.

I had to watch this scene with the map a second time just because it felt like there was so much information here. Not only does the scene give us more information about the Abyss, but it also talks a bit about how the information is obtained, focusing a lot on hearsay and "common sense" of the world.

The piece about the sixth layer in particular is pretty interesting. The term "last dive" actually has some weight behind it, meaning that there's less mystery surrounding Riko's mother's "death". Still, it really makes me ask why someone with a newborn child would volunteer for something like a "last dive". The answer may be as simple as wanting to find a cure for Riko's eyes.

For me, Kiyui seems like a big question in this episode. The fact that Reg points out a mysterious sickness in Kiyui seems like setup, which is really uncharacteristic of a goodbye scene. It feels like it's supposed to be relevant in coming episodes. But how can it affect Riko's journey?

Was I supposed to conclude that Leader left the box in Reg's bag from this?

I guess this episode really did leave me with so many questions. Heck, was that scene with the skeleton in prayer supposed to be important? I'm looking forward to seeing what the journey will hold...and getting answers.

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