Knight's & Magic Episode 3: DIY Robot

While I still find the engineering-level approach to mechs interesting, something about the lack of detail in this series leaves a lot to be desired. Random narration and quick montages still seem to plague this series to skip through things. I was fine with it in the first episode because some of the introduction didn't seem completely necessary, but now it's feeling excessive. Too much of the complications from Ernesti's new mechanisms seem to be quickly explained away with "bad mana control" or something.

The simplest example is the conversation about adding back arms. The fact that Silhouette Knights have been historically designed based on humans seems pretty important, but the engineers are able to get over this pretty quickly to follow Ernesti's new proposal. Plus, it seems like the main reason for adding the arms is the fact that Silhouette Knights are typically holding a shield, shown in the later training exercise. However, the diagram that Ernesti displays none of the actual challenges he's trying to fix.

Another detail that seems missed is Dietrich's change in character. He goes from being deathly afraid of Ernesti in the beginning of the episode to being a promising and reformed knight in his very next scene. What gives?

Also, these mini-suits kinda came out of nowhere. I wonder if there's some future scenario where the tiny suit merges into the larger suit to act as a cockpit.

And this is super random, but this guy has a robot as a throne...that's new.

All in all, I guess too many things in this series leave me wondering, which is strange for a series that seems to be going into detail about giant robots. It makes me wonder where the series is heading if it feels the need to move so quickly.

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