Princess Principal Episode 2: The lies have escalated

Okay, this episode convinced me to stick with this series. Should I have seen that twist coming? Maybe I should have, but boy did it hit hard. The revelation doesn't just change how I view this week's episode, but also has implications for the first episode. So many things in this episode make much more sense after seeing three words at the end of the episode, like the princess's words to Beatrice about befriending a devil and the fact that Ange was so quick to reveal herself as a spy. I can't help but want to continue watching a show that does something like that.

So, is the Ange from last week's episode also Charlotte? This might not truly be a good question, because there's a lot of evidence that she is. First off, it's safer for Ange and Charlotte to continue using their swapped roles. The princess is out of danger and it's less likely that Ange's superiors and comrades notice a change in her behavior. Plus, the title of the series would suggest that the main character (introduced as Ange) should be the princess. Still, you can't discount the possibility given how well the two were able to imitate each other.

Another fun piece from this week's episode was the numbering of the episodes. This week's episode is marked as "Case 1", while last week's episode was "Case 13". This suggests that the remainder of the season will be a progression leading up to that first episode. It's interesting, but also strange. That first episode doesn't seem to be anything close to a final episode. Shouldn't there be something more after that? Will there be 14 episodes?

I felt like the episode even did a good job with the mystery surrounding the "traitor" in the organization by introducing a red herring among the higher-ups. That military guy looked pretty jumpy when they were talking about the traitor who informed the princess, so he seemed like the best bet.

Alright, I'm on board. What's next?

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