Re:Creators Episode 15: Waifu power?

Haha they actually did it. The new character Hikayu is actually from a romance game, and an eroge at that. Nicely played. While her lack of ability (other than panty showing) seems odd in this series, I have to admit it's an interesting inclusion if the Creations are determined by popularity alone (and it's probably the only way to avoid going full hentai). I'm not sure I'm convinced about the fan disc idea to give her powers. It seems maybe a little too obvious to be showing up just now, but maybe that's why there are so few video game characters in this series.

Blitz seems to finally get some introduction in this episode. If I understand his motives correctly, he sees Altair as the "daughter" he was forced to kill in his own series, so he has resolved to help her out. I guess that makes sense, but it's simpler than I was expecting. I guess another part of it might be that he wants revenge on his creator for forcing him into the situation in the story too.

The second new Creation also had me thinking a bit. First off, what determines whether a second character from the same series appears in the world? Is it just the popularity of the character alone? Just based on "character popularity polls" alone, I would think that it's much more likely for people to like multiple characters from a really popular series than a more diverse character set.

And secondly, doesn't it feel like cheating to bring another character in from the same series? A lot of this show revolves around how these people from different types of stories don't mix well. Something about bringing in a pre-determined relationship between characters doesn't sit well with me.

I'm still not sure what to make of Alicetaria's conversation with Magane (other than the fact that Magane's towel seems to have powers of its own). It makes sense that these two might work together because they're both in the grey area when it comes to allegiances. They also have the history to make it work. I just don't get what Alicetaria was trying to accomplish with that conversation. She seemed like she had a request for Magane, but she doesn't really make one. My interpretation was that she was just trying to get a feel for Magane's nature in preparation for a future request.

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