Made in Abyss Episode 2: Message from below

This week's episode was pretty good for introducing the world a bit more. As with last week's episode, explanations are mostly woven into the events of the episode rather than stated through narration, like the play for introducing the different whistles. I'm personally a bit upset about the final scene in the episode, because it basically stated that Riko's mother Lyza was still alive in the Abyss. Given the way the episode was structured, that was already strongly implied, so I wanted to be the one that said. It's so unfair...

The explanation of the different layers in the Abyss was pretty interesting because it mostly made me wonder if the "curse" was actually a form of altitude sickness or the bends. As the episode continued to play out, I feel like it became more and more evident that the curse is more of a "mystical" curse that follows rules, rather than a more natural phenomenon. Riko's personal condition seems to back this up and it might explain why Lyza has disappeared. She could be unable to return from the bottom of the Abyss because the curse would kill her.

Riko's history was also pretty surprising. I was expecting her vision to be some kind of hidden strength (to be fair, it could still be), but it ended up being an artifact of her birth. In a way, it gives her something in common with Reg. They're both theoretically born in the Abyss.

Even though it didn't really make that much of an impact, Reg's scenes in the beginning of the episode were still pretty funny. His expressions while Riko was explaining her analysis of his body were so entertaining that I had to watch the scene a second time to actually understand what Riko was saying.

I also didn't expect to hear the word "penis" in this series, but what are you gonna do? I guess the first episode kinda hinted at it already.

This series is still entertaining. The setting seems pretty interesting and unfolds in natural ways. There's also an air of mystery around it. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

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