Sakurada Reset Episode 15: Making friends

It's always hard to say with this series, but I think this week's episode addresses something that has bothered me for a while. In this episode, Kei once again resets away any progress that Misora had as a character in last week's episode, when she decided to truly live for Kei rather than act as his puppet. When Sumire tells Kei that he has erased this feeling with the recent reset, she pretty much states that the Misora that Kei truly loves is being constantly erased by his resets.

I don't really get why the flashback to events in last week's episode are really necessary, especially when the next scene involves a reference to the fact that Kei takes longer to fall asleep than Misora and Nono when entering the dream world. I was very close to completely missing that reference.

Sumire's ability is still a mystery to me. I've said it before, but it makes sense that she would be able to see events that occur after a reset since the reset isn't rewriting history. This scene is particularly interesting because she's demonstrating the hole in her ability, the fact that she still forgets events leading up to the reset, including her potential visions of the future. In that sense, the pre-reset Sumire knows more information than the post-reset Sumire, which makes it even harder to reconcile her suicide. On the flip side, though, it sets her up as Kei's complement. He has full vision of the past and she has full vision of the future. That's at least interesting.

When all is said and done in this episode, Honoka ended up being pretty much a backdrop. Kei's plan to save her is to pretty much act as a replacement for Chiruchiru in order to shift her trust to someone who's real. I guess that opened the door for her to befriend the Stray Cat House Man as well.

I also have a question about this arc that I didn't really get to mention last week. Why the heck did the mirror Sakurada not count as "outside of Sakurada" in the dream world? The entire point of that town was that it was sitting right next to the real town. Why didn't it act as an appropriate test for Sumire? Is it supposed to be a hint about the hidden truth of the town that Kei saw in the manuscript?

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