Vatican Kiseki Chousakan First Impressions (1): This won't go well for me

I feel like I'm juggling two conflicting forces with this series. It's a show that follows two Vatican miracle examiners as they investigate alleged miracles. On the one hand, I know I'm going to suck the fun out of this series if I have an issue with the premise in the first place. How do you even go about confirming a miracle? On the other hand, it could be interesting as a different kind of mystery series based on the first episode. Plus, it seems likely that the point of the show is the disprove everything, based on the premise.

When it came to the miracles themselves in this episode, I was surprised with how many different things were crammed into the episode. Virgin birth aside, there was also a weeping statue (which is a pretty common hoax), a satanic ritual, and a weird lady holding a baby. I'll be curious to see how they all go together, but it seems a bit ambitious as it stands. I'm half-expecting one of the main characters to start the next episode with a quick explanation of the easier mysteries to focus time on the virgin birth.

I also didn't really understand why this episode had to drop so many names. Is it a confusion tactic to make it harder to point at a culprit? It really felt like a large portion of the episode involved introducing people, one who immediately dies, and sticking their names on screen.

In addition, a lot of the scenes felt jumpy like the show was transitioning a bit too much, but that might have just been me. I'm still curious to see where it goes, but I'm going to reserve judgment on this series for now.

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