Princess Principal First Impressions (1): The scout is a spy

I think the draw of this series for me can be summed up pretty easily. I think spies are cool and the music is good. Heck, I've watched Joker Game for less. And to be honest, I don't have all too much to say about this first episode. I thought it was entertaining overall and I'm thoroughly confused as to whether the correct English title should be "principal" or "principle". Given the romanized form, it could probably go either way, but I'll stick with "principal" because that's what is used everywhere.

I know that the background is a bit blurry and has almost an oil painting quality to it, but I was surprised to see such a convoluted background in a series like this. The Victorian London style is interesting enough, and stuff like this seems to add to that. I'd say the episode looked pretty good.

Lying was pretty much the big thing in this episode. I found it a bit forced to have these two characters joke about how they can't be honest with each other, but I guess it's meant to further the introduction of Ange when even characters like this find her lying hard to understand.

It's not too hard to guess that a story about espionage starts with a lying victim character. I wasn't sure if this series was going to take the "cutesy" route, so I'm glad that he ends up being executed. Maybe we're in for some quality spy stuff.

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