Knight's & Magic Episode 2: Epic Narrator Voice

So it looks like this series is really pushing the "build your own mech" concept after all. I'm really happy to see that. The battle in the episode was also pretty fun to watch, since you could see how much fun Ernesti was having in his first experience piloting a Silhouette Knight. I can probably relate to that feeling.

I commend the show for giving us the scene at the gate to display just how strong the behemoth is before showing us this scene with the upperclassmen. We the audience know that the behemoth can wipe out the group easily, so their false confidence is more amusing.

I don't really have a problem with Ernesti essentially overriding the physical controls of the Silhouette Knight to give commands directly. It makes sense with his fanatical obsessions...but holy crap this scene hurt my eyes. I also could have done without the narrator voice telling me all of the information. It's nice to know that he was specifically hacking the machine so he could input commands directly, but did we really need to know that no one has ever done this before? It's not the only time this narrator voice is used in this episode, and it's becoming more annoying since this isn't the first episode anymore.

I'm not sure I fully understand Dietrich's role in this final scene. Ernesti completely trashed the mech's controls, but he somehow expects Dietrich to take over again? I guess you could argue that Dietrich was using a separate set of controls to move, but there's still another issue with this scene. Ernesti has to command Dietrich to jump backwards at the appropriate time, but the Silhouette Knight is somehow able to grab the sword in the behemoth's eyes without a single word. How does that work?

Final note: apparently it's a family tradition to cling to Ernesti.

Eh, I could use a mecha show in this season. I'm still not sure, but I'll commit to this series even if the apostrophe kills me inside every time I see it.

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