Fate/Apocrypha Episode 2: More introductions

With last week's episode introducing the setting of this world and some of the mages involved, this week's episode seemed more focused on introducing Servants, at least on the black faction's side. It's always hard to gauge the relative strength of the Servants, so it's hard to say which side has the advantage. That being said, it looks like the black faction is more of a cohesive family while the red faction is a bunch of strangers slapped together into a team. I know that there were hints at some sibling rivalries in this episode, but the black faction seems to at least have that edge.

I thought this scene with Shakespeare's introduction was a pretty funny demonstration of the disorganization in the red faction. I'll probably always question Spartacus as a character in this world, but it's still pretty funny that he casually tries to assault the black faction without much confirmation from his allies.

Kairi and Mordred in particular seem like an interesting combination too. Mordred demonstrates herself to be much less straightlaced than her father in this week's episode, which fits well with Kairi's personality.

I didn't really expect the opening scene in this episode. It seems a lot like Jeanne is completely unaware of her role as Ruler in this Grail War, even though Kotomine reveals that his knowledge of her role at the end of the episode. I'm pretty curious to see what's going on there. If the Ruler is supposed to preside of the Grail War, it seems odd that she'd have no idea what she's doing.

This scene I wanted to point out in particular. Kotomine states that Kairi was hiding Mordred's real name through magical means, which seems a bit odd. What's the point of introducing the Servants by name in the black faction if there's some other way to figure it out?

Does the Kotomine character have access to two Servants?

Other than that, I don't have much more on this episode. Seems like we have a pretty fun spread of characters in this war on the Servant side, so I'm still curious to see where it heads.

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