Kakegurui Episode 2: Lots of remembering

I think I'm getting into the swing of this series. Aside from the specific mechanism, the flow of the game this week was pretty easy to follow. The episode also formally introduces the school system as full-on focused on gambling. It's pretty casual about how gambling skill is supposed to correlate with leadership abilities, but I'll leave that aside. The student council also acts as a pretty convenient set of targets for our main character. These parts of the episode weren't too surprising.

It might have just been the translation, but the description of the school gambling system didn't feel consistent. A caste system based on gambling makes a lot of sense for this series, but my understanding is that the student council payment is manner by which people move through these castes. However, Ryouta also mentions that the concept of a house pet existed before the current student council president took over and implemented the payment system. So how were the castes determined before? Evaluation by teachers?

As for the game itself, the episode did a decent job of eliminating possibilities. While I couldn't guess exactly how Itsuki was cheating, it was made pretty clear when the random spectator pointed out that both players hadn't made any mistakes. Given that Itsuki hadn't made an offhand statement about that to Yumeko, it suggested that she wasn't particularly surprised that Yumeko was able to memorize the cards. It's meant to show that they're on relatively equal footing, so the only remaining factor is luck. If the chance to win is equal, then Itsuki has to be cheating.

I was also surprised by Yumeko's innocent act in this episode. It feels like something that can't work forever, so we'll see how much it gets played out.

I did have one quick question about the house pet system. If every house pet of the same gender is given the same pet name, how do they handle situations where multiple house pets are in the same class? It seems strange that this isn't more common given the power structure of the show.

I still struggle with watching Yumeko as a character. I get that she's intentionally exaggerated because it fits the show, but her torture-level bets remind me a lot of Akagi Shigeru and I much preferred his presentation. Maybe I'll get used to it.

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