Re:Creators Episode 14: Collaboration is hard

Well, they're certainly making more progress on this big collaborative event than I expected. It actually sounds like a pretty cool event outside of the context of this series. This week's episode was interesting enough for how it presented the creative process of the various authors working together, but I had the sense that it was a bit heavy-handed about how difficult the job is. It also felt like the "insights" we got were undercut by the secrecy around the story. Between Sota's conversation with Matsubara and the argument between Matsubara and Yatoji, it felt like the episode was trying really hard to keep us in the dark. It kinda nagged at me while I was watching.

I guess the big piece of the episode was that two new characters were shown in the OP/ED sequences and one of the characters is introduced at the end of the episode. Based on her appearance in the OP, it looks like she might be a romance heroine of some sort, which feels pretty strange in a series like this. I wonder how she'll be able to contribute to the battles. She might just be there to face off against Magane, since she mainly fights with words, but Hangaku makes that a bit complicated.

Sota also seems to be trying to contribute to the big project, but I'm not sure I understand what he's trying to do. Initially, it sounded like he wanted to be the person who drew Altair and decided her actions. This might make a little sense because he knew Shimazaki the best, but his backstory never mentioned that he was aspiring towards her art style or anything. It doesn't seem like he'd be qualified to mimic it necessarily. When he finishes talking to Matsubara, he starts speaking more vaguely about a "character". Is he just adding a new character to the event? Or is it just the translation?

Kikuchihara's speech to the creators felt awkward to me. I get that she knows what's at stake and is trying to be intentionally harsh to get the job done. But it feels strange that she's using government influence to push them to work on the project when the fate of the world is literally at stake. It's possible she doesn't want to cause a panic.

Anyway, a slower episode overall, but we're starting a new segment in the series. I'm curious about the new characters and how they'll fit into the series. Hopefully that's coming next week. It looks like only the character introduced in this week's episode will be joining the "good guys".

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