Made in Abyss First Impressions (1): We need to go deeper

Phew, there was a lot of hype for this series leading to this first episode and I think I understand it now. This first episode was really fun to watch. I really liked how naturally the introduction of the world and the characters felt. Descriptions were mostly woven into conversation, except for the final narration to describe the Abyss and effectively "start" the show. When Riko, the main character, and Nat are introduced, they don't really waste time with a formal introduction. It makes a lot of sense and makes it clear that they already know each other really well.

I also really appreciated the smaller scenes thrown in at places, like when the kids points that the director turned "one thing" into two things as she is lecturing them and when Reg coughs black smoke after Nat calls Riko out for feeding Reg hot coals. They felt like great additions to their respective scenes and made them overall more charming.

Visually, I thought the scenery in the episode looked really good. It made me really interested in the world that I was being shown. Though, there was one scene that looked a bit strange to me. When the manta ray monster is flying away from Riko in the background, its movement looked strangely choppy, which was a bit disappointing.

This episode also had a lot of great music, particularly the song playing when Riko and Nat are bring Reg back to the orphanage or the song that plays when Riko is showing Reg the Abyss. The only song I found strange was the one that played when Nat is attacked by the monster. It eventually sounds really dramatic, but the beginning of the song sounded far too whimsical for the danger that was being shown on screen.

When Riko mentioned that she should resuscitate Reg in this scene, I was prepared for a cheap romance initiation with mouth-to-mouth. However, she ends up realizing that Reg is a robot pretty quickly and the scene instead served as a decent introduction.

Anyway, this episode felt overall like a strong start for this series. I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes from here. I'm always a sucker for series who show you things rather than telling you things, so I'm really interested to learn more.

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