Sakurada Reset Episode 14: Facing reality

There was definitely a strange element to this episode. It had some interesting revelations about the dream world, but the conversation between Kei and Chiruchiru felt strangely uninteresting. I felt like it was hammering home too much the fact that Honoka was a lonely girl. I don't really have much to say about this week's episode, but I have to admit that I'm quite interested in what will happen next week. It looks like Misora will confront Sumire, which sounds promising.

Hmm, I guess the old man is giving a version of the free will argument against heaven as a paradise. I typically think of it differently. I focus more on how you can get rid of suffering without revoking free will, but the idea of trapping a human in a cage is valid too. In Chiruchiru's defense, you could make a parenting argument about protecting a child from conversations like that. I can't remember how old Michiru is supposed to be.

Eh, I guess I kinda get Ukawa's argument. I was more interested in what she said about not allowing Honoka Katagiri to escape into her own world because of the way it disconnects her from the other humans in reality. This argument makes sense when you project it on to other situations, like a drug addict who chooses to live in a narcotic haze or a hermit/hikikomori living in seclusion. I don't necessarily agree with that stance, but I can accept the argument.

However, Ukawa goes on to assert that she hates the fact that Chiruchiru and Michiru exist in this world, which suggests that her true problem with this world is that Honoka is using it to hide her true feelings, which is why she goes on to state that the monster is proof that Honoka truly hates this world as well. It feels...strange, but I guess it makes sense.

Ukawa has power over everything inanimate and chooses to erase every building in this dream world, but she decides that she wants to leave this door. Just...why? Because we need some comedic effect?

Also, didn't she just casually delete The Script?

I swear the reset ability looks less and less impressive with each episode.

This statement reeks of someone trying really hard to sound deep. If I had to guess, the point is probably that it's better if you hate your ability enough to not use it frivolously. That being said, an ability in Sakurada is akin to a natural talent. I don't think it's correct to say that you should hate your own natural abilities. But then again, this guy is probably the bad guy, so maybe they're just continuing to clue us in.

Okay, I really have no idea how Kei figured out that there was a "real" Sakurada on the other side of the wall surrounding the mirror Sakurada. It's an interesting revelation, but it came out of nowhere.

I thought this conversation was a bit strange and contradictory, but I guess it's supposed to be demonstrating the limits of Chiruchiru's godhood in this world. Maybe it's a bad translation, but it probably could have been presented better.

Yes, other Misora. Convince Misora that she should try to make Kei happy with her own strength, not by just following his instructions. Make Misora change as a person and think for herself.

I guess Kei is basically saying that the world is wrong because Honoka is creating artificial people to interact with to fix her loneliness, and these interactions are superficial because she's ultimately interacting with herself. Ultimately, this ended up being pretty generic.

Kei offers to be Honoka's friend in exchange for Chiruchiru's assistance. I guess that works, but part of me wonders whether that's okay.

This manuscript has the origin story of Sakurada? Yeah, that sounds important. I don't understand why Kei hides it from Misora, though.

Sigh...we're still on this?

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