Knight's & Magic First Impressions (1): Comma to the top

Don't judge me...I have to check out the mecha show. I know that the apostrophe in this series will be the end of me if I choose to keep going with it, though. Anyway, this series focuses on Ernesti Echevalier (or however you spell that), a programmer from Japan who is reincarnated into an alternate world where he has the chance to fulfill his dream of piloting a giant robot.

I heard that this first episode skipped a lot of content, and it's pretty visible from how the episode is paced. The main character dies pretty early without much of an introduction into his new world. Instead, he is immediately thrust into his first encounter with a giant robot after he has already acclimated to his situation.

I know it's nitpicking, but the scene right before this one showed a horse bleeding out on the ground motionless while this scene showed the giant bug violently eating a horse. I know there were two horses, so did the other horse just fall over and randomly start bleeding out on the ground?

This kid, whose father is a Knight Runner, has no idea that giant robots exist in this world. Just how old is he? But I guess that can be explained away with something about secluding the baby from the world until a certain age. And even if I'm willing to believe that Ernesti's father happened to be in the area to shoot the giant bug just in time to stop it from eating Ernesti, you still have to explain how Ernesti fell from the carriage and survived without a scratch.

This description of the Silhouette Knights sounds a lot like a setup for a darker story. The design of the robots is shrouded in mystery and there's a particular piece that is kept secret from the general public. Either this is meant to allow Ernesti to start a new age of robots with some breakthrough in design or the government is hiding the fact that these "hearts" are created in some unsavory manner. That's just my take on it.

Anyway, this entire first episode seemed like it was a mad dash to get the main character into his first robot. The preview for the next episode actually suggests that he will be piloting the flashy guy's red robot. It seems a bit strange, but I guess we'll see how it goes. I'm really unsure about this series. Should I stick with it?

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