Seikaisuru Kado Final Episode 12: That's the answer?

Re:Creators is a recap this week, so I'm going to wrap up the last show of the previous season instead.

I still hold that I liked this series overall, but I still can't agree with the events leading to the end of the series. From the ending that we were shown, I actually didn't mind the intended goal of the series, a union of anisotropic and humanity in the form of Yukika. But as a result of the fumbling in the events leading to the end, the series just gets a "status quo" ending, which seems boring to me. I kinda wanted Yaha-kui to be right, to have a legitimate case. Instead, his view is tossed aside in favor of Tsukai's view of humanity for what seem like cheap reasons. Maybe I came into this series wanting the wrong things.

I also feel like the ending's idea is contradicted a bit by the deactivation of the devices. Instead of using anisotropic knowledge to advance humanity even further, humanity is now striving to get to the level of the anisotropic. I think the message is that humanity would take the technology for granted if it were just given to us, something I can't agree with.

I feel like I've seen this kind of scene before somewhere.

This might just be a poor translation, but it sounded like the soldier was reporting where surface communications had been restored. How does that indicate where Kado has spread? Is Kado's presence somehow aiding the restoration of ground communications? This line would have made more sense if the soldier was just reporting where satellite communication was lost.

Sigh...can I call this a "humanity transcends the physical world" cliche? I guess a better phrasing is "humans surpass the information that describes them", based on how Yaha-kui describes the clones.

We're never going to get a good answer on why Yaha-kui needs to transform all of humanity, are we? Maybe the simple answer is that he won't be able to resist studying more humans after Shindo is transformed.

So much for the plan. To be fair, I think this ending is a lot more boring if the plan succeeds.

Did anyone actually understand this? All I was able to gather was that Shinawa used special Wam in the Fregonics armor that allowed Yaha-kui to bypass the Fregonics. Maybe he went through "hyperspace" to get inside the armor or something...whatever hyperspace is.

Come again?

Plan Hanamori? Eh, now I understand why the kiss from last week was so important. This must be the daughter of Shindo and Tsukai. Fregonics are an unintentional barrier that occur because the anisotropic and the universe are inherently incompatible? I can accept that.

Based on my understanding, it's not that Yukika is better at controlling the anisotropic than Yaha-kui is. She just understands how the anisotropic interacts with this particular universe and therefore has an edge when battling in this universe.

I suppose the point of this scene is to show that Yukika is capable of interacting with the non-information parts of humanity. Does that mean she sees dead people?

Sigh...that's not cool. I get that science can still progress much faster now that it knows what to strive for, but it makes no sense that these devices stopped working when Kado disappeared. I can accept that Nanomis-hein needs to exist to work, but Sansa theoretically altered human biology and Wam were human-made objects that still exist. I guess this scene also suggests that Yukika is the one who forced all of these devices to stop working, so maybe it's just all anisotropic magic.

Final Score: 7/10

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