Sakurada Reset Episode 13: Everything according to the script

While I still think the setup in this episode was okay, I found the episode to be blander than last week's episode. Even though Sumire is vital for moving events forward, she doesn't feel like she's contributing much in her dialogue scenes. Her conversation with Kei was fair, but didn't seem relevant. Her conversation with Chiruchiru didn't feel like it was giving any extra information. Maybe I'm just biased against her.

Other than that, this episode confirms something that I really should have know about the reset ability and introduces The Script. I think it's still a bit early to judge The Script because we don't know enough about how the ability works. It's impossible to record perfect detail, but I'm guessing the reason it's important is that it captures objective events, rather than personal experience like Kei's memory ability or Sumire's foresight ability. It gets into this weird grey area of subjective perception of the world. It might be interesting...

I wonder if this is somehow a reference to how dreams are often forgotten after the dreamer wakes up. It would make things more interesting. Also, I'm kinda curious. I've always found that I tend to be "sleepy" in my dreams or unable to keep my eyes open. Anyone else ever get that feeling?

I'm not exactly sure why we're getting this view of the town here. The only thing I'm thinking is "boy, Kei's sleep schedule is not going to be fun today". That aside, the new opening song's pretty good. Because of how much work our brain does to

Wow, this is crazy. I was just listening to someone else make this same statement. This concept is something I've always found fascinating. While we're conditioned to trust our memories and experiences, studies have shown that we can get even the most basic details wrong, regardless of how confident we are in our memory. Here's a random example. That's why first-hand accounts are often unreliable.

More to the point, I guess the point of this comment is that Kei is pretty much asserting that the Sumire that he saved is an imposter.

This flashback was actually helpful. I believe this line came when they were talking about a school play, so there's no way I'd remember this reference. It seemed like a pretty innocuous line at the time. Well played.

Nono sure knows a lot about this house given her claim that it was a parking lot the last time she was here. Does the house correspond to one she knows in the real world?

Oh crap...we might be getting into the realm of objective truth. That's a sketchy subject that I tend to avoid.

I've asked the question of whether the people who can see the future can see the resets. I'm realizing now that this was a dumb question. Of course they can. The reset ability doesn't rewrite an event. It destroys the world and rebuilds it. That means the timeline isn't going on branches or doing weird could think of it as being a "straight" timeline for lack of a better word. In a similar vein, it would make sense that The Script would also record resets. In a weird "cosmic" sense, those events still happened. This world is really doubling down on the idea of determinism. I like it!

Putting cats in a hypothetical box? I see what you're doing here...

I guess the message here is it's important to recognize the flaws in the things you like regardless of how much you like them because everything is inherently flawed. Eh...I supposed that works. It doesn't seem too interesting, though.

Woohoo! Misora is finally at friend status!

I think it's because this guy looked sinister in the opening animation, but these lines seem really suspicious.

I can understand why the Bureau doesn't like Kei reading The Script with his insane memory, but I don't really see why its existence is supposed to be his despair. Is it because it's a more complete record of events? Kei only remembers things he experiences, after all. That being said, The Script seems to have a fairly vulnerable writer. Maybe this is a reference to the earlier flashback with Nono and the writer of The Script. The Script and Kei's ability both have their respective flaws.

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