Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho Final Episode (12): Magic was a mistake

I can't really tell whether I'm being overly harsh on this series, but I really did feel like it made less sense as we moved along. This episode was no real exception. I felt like the series was presenting me with a lot of fairly open-ended situations and insisting that there was only one possible explanation. The series seemed more interesting to watch when it was just a gruff mercenary and a sarcastic witch travelling together on a quest in a fantasy world (with a sidekick). Thirteen kinda made things weird. Anyway, I wouldn't actually be opposed to a second season of this series, since it seems to have left off at more of what the series gave in the beginning.

Aww...the plague was caused by a bunch of nameless witches. That aside, I don't particularly have an issue with Sorena having some bigger plan for her death, but it kinda devalues her sacrifice for her granddaughter. It suggests that she could have escaped with them if she really wanted, but she had some bigger reason to let herself die.

The math level in this scene is insane...

Do witches have to be in the center of a magic circle in order to maximize the effect of a spell? Or is this just some random meetup location to validate the Sorcerers of Zero.

I guess we needed to make sure that everyone in the party was okay with Thirteen, but I still feel no tension while watching this scene. The only way Holdem succeeds in killing Thirteen is if he's too much of an idiot to realize that it will wipe out all of the Sorcerers of Zero.

I still don't understand completely. Does the party care what happens to the Sorcerers of Zero? I mean, I would assume that they do, but a lot of these scenes don't make sense unless they're perfectly fine with wiping out the witches. In addition to Thirteen's blood contracts, there's also the magic erasing spell to consider. If Zero gets rid of the Sorcerers' magic right as they're storming the castle, the Sorcerers should get completely annihilated by the knights defending it.

They're probably going to be at the center of the magic circle? Send everyone!!

What happened to that magic carrier pigeon system that these guys had? Why haven't the witches attacking the main characters told these guys that their princess is in another castle? They can totally see that Thirteen is in the magic circle with Zero.

Why start the spell if you need Albus to finish it?'re probably going to tell me "they believed that she would show up right when she was needed, so they started without her". I'll just sit here and grumble by myself...

I guess Albus is finally doing something.

While I understand that public opinion for Thirteen isn't exactly favorable, it seems a bit odd for Albus to say "I'm not going to burn any more witches" as she burns a witch. But I guess I get what she's going for...

I still don't get how this denial of magic stuff works. Did the witches just develop a new way to cast magic to circumvent the denial of magic? Is that why it's only temporary? And how does this in any give this kingdom any kind of "resistance" to magic? I guess it's just because people can't cast magic in certain ways or something.

Haha okay this was pretty funny. I've missed scenes like this.

I would have much preferred to watch Mercenary and Zero travelling the country to eradicate magic over what we saw in this season. This stuff feels like a cheap precursor to the real stuff.

Final Score: 6/10

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