Suka Suka Episode 12: One last thing

Why didn't anyone warn me about this ending? Jokes aside, I have to admit that I have an unnatural bias for bittersweet endings. Sure, the events of this episode seemed pretty tragic, but I liked how everything was framed. I think I harped a bit much on information gaps in the end, but I really did enjoy the episode overall.

Did I miss something? This line suggests that Willem considers these beasts to be former humans that he knew. Before, Rhan only suggested that beasts were a biological weapon based on humans. The fact that the dug weapon worked on beasts would also make sense if beasts were genetically based on human DNA. Maybe that's a logical conclusion to draw, but I feel like there are plenty of other possibilities. So I wonder if I'm missing some supporting information.

Honestly, this whole "I can only fight" routine is nothing new, Willem.

Isn't this the first time we've really seen Rhan fighting? It feels a bit weird to immediately show her being defeated by her own overconfidence. I guess it gives Willem a good excuse to save the day.

Who is this guy again? Was I supposed to remember him?

While this is a nice sentiment from Chtholly, I don't understand the decision she's making here. If she doesn't choose to go back now and save Willem, what will happen to her? Will she be stuck watching the world with Elq forever? Last week, Elq made it sound like Chtholly was already done. If she already can never interact with the real world again, I don't see how this is a sacrifice.

Poor Nephren. When Chtholly's mind started deteriorating, it was a big dramatic event. Nephren's case seems like an afterthought.

Have we ever really been told anything about venenum and what risks are associated with using it? Maybe I'm forgetting something, but this all sounds like "generic bad thing" will happen if too much venenum is generated by one person.

And we're finally back to the beginning. I'm starting to understand why people were yelling at my laughable misunderstandings early in this series.

You would be nice to know why this Jedi hand wave is enough to save Nephren.

Stop! Don't you play Scarborough Fair again! This isn't fair!

I'm a sucker for endings like this.

What can it mean?

Okay, I laughed at this a little harder than I should have. That baby totally got suffocated and lost consciousness. We're all agreement, right?

Anyway, I guess this scene is suggesting that Chtholly was reborn in another life. It seems like a bit of a cheap consolation prize, but I don't really feel strongly about it.

Final Score: 8/10 (Maybe 7.5)

  • Schrodingers Cat

    June 28, 2017, 5:20 p.m.

    I'll clear it up for ya. beasts were created by a group creating basically a virus that spreads super fast and turns humans into different kind of beasts, depending either on the area or species (I don't know which) which is why they go in packs usually, like the timerre (excluding a few).

    he's piggy mcpiggyton! the heir of the piggy kingdom! D:

    yeah, basically Chtholly would have just been watching with Elq forever :D

    the mind deterioration might've not been so dramatic for Ren, but damn, those spasms were...

    venenum wasn't really explained in the LN iirc D: but I always think of it like poison (since the LN TL'd it as "venom").

    I laugh at your ignorance past marth!

    I think the Jedi hand wave cleared Ren of her venenum build-up, stopping the gate opening D;

    the first song built up the feelz slowly, then Scarborough Fair just amplified them T_T

    oh you liked that ending huh? well, too bad :D that ending should never have happened :D in the LN, Willem's unconscious from the fall, and Chtholly is too ripped up and dead to be able to say anything :D

    I wonder indeed!

    rip Chtholly 2.0 :D

    okay so my interpretations of this scene were:
    - this is when Chtholly was first born, and those are her seniors that all died
    - this is later, when the little kids have grown up. do you remember two kids with pink and yellow-brownish hair...?

    guess my 7.5 was on point :D



    June 28, 2017, 6:10 p.m.

    yeah, i get that. i just didnt get how willem got that.

    eh? that guy from star fox?

    so...pretty much dead? big sacrifice...

    nah...she'll be fine D:

    ...that's moderately infuriating...

    noooooooo! but how could i have known??

    yeah, that was my assumption too. but since we know nothing about how venenum works, it's weird to suddenly see her transfer it without touch.

    it wasnt fair!

    yeah, i heard that from...other sources :D

    must be my imagination...

    nooooo? not again?

    ...meh...still seems random

    *shifts gaze*


    Schrodingers Cat

    June 29, 2017, 11:23 a.m.

    the powers of being a MC!

    huh? I've never played star fox D:

    well she was basically dead anyway...

    no seriously, that was simultaneously a great and creepy moment.

    but I'm sure you'll find out if you read the LN with me!

    by... letting flow and I spoil you? :D

    it's maaaaaaaaaaaaaagic :D

    it was totally fair :D

    other sources... it must be from a certain ninja who wields blades...

    well we're never getting a S2, so I guess you have to read the LN to find out!

    death by oppai!

    ikr D:

    (I actually gave it an 8 too since it didn't live up to my expectations...)



    June 29, 2017, 12:18 p.m.

    that's cheating!

    *does a barrel roll*

    yeah, that's why im saying it makes no sense to threaten her if she goes back...she's dead anyway!

    *looks away*

    nah, im sure you'll figure it out D:

    *blames the LNers*

    that much is obvious, but what are the rules? D:

    completely unfair!

    or a certain...reddit? why would i get it from the ninja? D:

    *waits for season 2*




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