Little Witch Academia Final Episode (25): Magic saves the world

As much as I've complained about this series overall, this final episode felt really strong. It felt like a good wrap-up for everything that's been happening in the series. There was a lot of good hype and good scenes in the episode, and it felt like it had a good sense of past events, from the broom throwback to the big battle where Akko uses the spell she's practiced the most to fight the missile. My opinion of this series has really turned around from what it was in the first half, so I'm glad I stuck it out in this season despite adding an extra show to my schedule. This show turned out to be a lot better than I expected it would be.

What's the point of showing the missile on this guy's phone if some random aide is going to tell him about the missile immediately after we see it? Also, is Croix's app specifically showing the footage of this missile? That's pretty twisted, man. Plus, I don't understand how this video is even being recorded. Sigh...magic, I guess.

Apparently, you can overcome the security system of a program with brute force alone. Wait, that might have been the wrong choice of words.

I can literally hear Uncle from Jackie Chan saying "magic must defeat magic" when I'm reading this line. No one's going to get that reference...

Also, I just want to throw out that we saw earlier that Chariot was able to hit the moon with a shot from the Shiny Arc. We'll just ignore that fact. Plus, the missile is a moving target and Akko isn't that bright, so the plan probably wouldn't work anyway.

Oh I see now. There are nine witches if you include Croix and Chariot, but there are only seven stars on the Shiny Rod, so two must be left behind. I'm going to assume that this is intentionally done because it's really cool.

Haha they turned the giant broom into a multi-stage rocket. Fair enough.

This guy's logic makes no sense. He's unwilling to inform the other country about the incoming missile because he doesn't expect the other country to believe that they didn't fire the missile. However, he somehow believes that they will bear no responsibility for the damage caused by the missile. Didn't you just say that they would believe that you were the ones who fired the missile? What happened to that? Make up your mind.

Hmm...I see 4chan, Twitter, Niconico, Youtube, the BBC, and Facebook. Did I do this right?

Urgh, I really shouldn't be surprised that the power of belief is what gives Akko and Diana enough magic to fight the monster, but it still hurts. That's not my main point. I don't see how this speech from Chariot works. She refers to a dangerous monster, but the general public have only seen a giant missile. Is there a reason why they would rally behind two witches trying to fight some random monster? Why not specifically say that they're going to stop the missile?

Even Andrew has his moment.

That's a hell of a throwback.

I have to admit that this attack is pretty hype.

That's actually a pretty good way to end.

Final Score: 8/10

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