Seikaisuru Kado Episode 11: The secret weapon is the element of surprise

While I'm still not sure about how this series has progressed in recent episodes, I have to admit that Shindo's final plan sounds intriguing. If we can bring things back around to a negotiation, it might make for a satisfying finale. I think a lot of the discussion about how we advance humanity and about how a futuristic version of humanity would look has been swept under the rug to focus on the major conflict between the main characters. Well, there's only one episode left to see how it all goes.

What the heck am I seeing here? Yaha-kui wakes up to reveal that it's a dream, but that's not too helpful. Is it supposed to be a representation of the anisotropic world?

Despite the production limitations of both Wam and Sansa, Nanomis-hein is surprisingly easy to distribute.

Based on Tsukai's comments here, I guess Yaha-kui plans to turn all humans, or at least as many as possible, into anisotropic beings to take out of our universe. I'm still not fully clear on this plan.

I understand how getting rid of the Fregonics protecting Yaha-kui would make him vulnerable to the cage, but how does that change Shindo's human vulnerability? Is Fregonics also related to Yaha-kui's ability to move his body parts through the anisotropic? I can't remember that being mentioned in previous episodes. My understanding of the Fregonics was that it was just a barrier, so I would expect that Yaha-kui could still crush Shindo's heart easily without it.

Also, I guess it's a good thing that Tsukai asked Shinawa about how to break Fregonics just before she broke into Kado.

Assemble the team!

I'm wondering if seeing Yaha-kui brutally murder Shindo in public would be enough to make other people, specifically the other Shindo, question him enough to figure out what's happening. That being said, Shindo probably doesn't want to risk his life on that question, so this is a fair assessment.

Also, it looks like that episode 0 was relevant after all.

Hmm...this seems like a promising objective. Shindo doesn't want to subjugate Yaha-kui and force him to submit (or leave). If he's able to satisfy Yaha-kui instead without allowing the full anisotropic transformation to happen, that could make for an interesting ending.

I'm not sure I'm fully convinced about this turn of events yet, but I guess this relationship has been pretty set up before Tsukai was revealed to be an anisotropic being. Props to Shindo for going for it, though.

This looks a bit foreboding. Also, I'm curious what Shinawa expected Shindo to do with the Antagonics technology. Perhaps she just jumped on board because of her own would fit her character.

Shindo's friendship with Hanamori has been an interesting (maybe somewhat underdeveloped) aspect of this series. That being said, this scene could either be Shindo's acceptance that he will likely die in the negotiations or just some hidden plan to create a shocking reveal when everything seems to go awry in the final battle.


I get the sense that the main conflict of this series boils down to a love triangle.

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