Re:Creators Episode 12: Welcome to the Thunderdome

I honestly wasn't expecting to see more to Sota's story this week. I think his actions make a bit more sense now. I admit that Sota's past does bring up a bunch of points for discussion, which makes it interesting. This episode kinda hyped me up for an epic fight between all of the creations, but the conversation at the end of the episode made it sound like the event is still further down the road. It looks like we've still got some more characters to introduce. Altair's team is looking a bit thin.

I guess Alicetaria doesn't have any good company now that Mamika is dead. Also, this scene seems to act as a minor introduction to Blitz, who has been rather mysterious up to now.

This scene seems pretty damning for Sota, but I still see no particular problem with his actions. It was probably easier to forgive him when his only crime was inaction, but the scene shows him actively pushing Shimazaki away in the text conversation. That being said, I find it hard to fault him because all of the negative events surrounding Shimazaki came from independent sources. Sure, you can argue that Sota was the one person who could have pulled her out of her dark place, but I don't think it's correct to fault him for not being in the right mental state to do that. It still seems like an honest mistake to me.

One last farewell...

I can get behind Matsubara's assessment of the situation. While Sota might not ultimately responsible, his guilt shows a willingness to take responsibility for what he did rather than make excuses for himself. It shows that he has grown from the encounter, which is all you can really ask.

Is it finally time for Alicetaria to actually think about her position?

I'm willing to give Alicetaria's creator some leeway in this situation since I probably wouldn't be able to think straight either. That being said, I have issues with how little responsibility he takes for his story when faced with his protagonist. Maybe it's meant to parallel with Sota's story about Shimazaki or something. I just don't understand how he can sit there and say that Alicetaria has more control over the outcome of her world than he does when he writes it all.

Another possible explanation is he's acknowledging that Alicetaria's world would continue to exist after he stops writing about it. If he never planned to write a story about how the world gets saved, he could be saying that Alice will be the one to do it when he stops scripting her.

I hadn't really thought about it before this point, but this is actually a really cool concept for Altair's character. Basically, she has no legitimate story and is instead recognized by the "audience" as a sort of meme character. Because of that, she can be inserted into any story, which explains how she is able to interact with creations and pull them into our world. Basically, it's not enough that she has multiple secondary creations. The audience accepts that she is that type of character. She effectively exists to be a reference.

Darn, I was a bit premature with my attempted explanation last week. I guess we finally get the explanation for Selesia's power now.

You're going to join the good guys?

So, the protagonists' plan is to create the crossover character cage match that this series was meant to be? I have no problem with this. I'm actually just curious about the fact that they call it a "story world". Are they creating another world to spare our world from the stress of that many powers being used? They also make it sound like they're trying to make it a spectator event, so I'm not sure I get how that would work.

A new character!

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