Sakurada Reset Episode 12: We need to go deeper

I guess the next step is to question reality itself in this series. I think my general impression of the episode is that I liked the ideas that were introduced, but I found the events themselves to be questionable. A lot of what happens in the dream world seems fairly standard for a setup like that and didn't really surprise me. I will admit that it reminded me a lot of Inception, but that's probably not too surprising. It's still just the beginning of this arc, though, so we'll have to see how it progresses.

I wanted to make a quick note about Sumire's reintroduction into the series. It's a bit strange to see her immediately return to controlling events from the sideline. But if you really think about it, she's kinda been doing that the whole time.

This feels like an innocent statement at first, but it's loaded with questions about agency. If someone can see the future and uses that knowledge to bring a "known" event into being, are the people involved exercising free will? I'm not sure if we've seen enough information about the ability yet to pass judgment for the world of this series, as we don't know how changeable the foreseen future is. If time is too sensitive to change, then Sumire took a massive risk to let herself die.

There's an annoying aspect to the way that Sumire talks, but I'm going to assume it has to do with her ability to see the future. She probably has to choose her words very carefully because of the events that are yet to come. It doesn't change how I see her conversations overall, but it makes sense.

This statement feels so consistent with Kei's personality that I can't decide whether he's joking or not. He explains his true plan shortly after this conversation, but I stand by my statement.

I see Sumire wasted no time getting back to her meddling ways. I would have preferred if Kei didn't ask for a description of the "random girl" to confirm Sumire's identity, but I'm guessing it's a reference to the description he gave the Witch a few episodes ago.

This sounds like it could bring up a fun discussion on reality. If you boil everything down, reality is technically a construct built within our minds. We only call a dream "fake" because it's fleeting and incomplete. When the dream world becomes more persistent, who's to say which world is the real one?

I see Misora managed to get out of the acquaintance zone.

Am I the only person wondering whether the real Honoka is the bird? Maybe I'm thinking too much into it. Based on the scene that follows, the easier assumption is that Honoka is projecting her god-like status in this world onto a fake Chiruchiru so she can live as a normal girl in the dream world.

I guess it would make sense that the dream world power is restricted to the town of Sakurada given the fact that every power only exists within the town. It could also be indicative of the mentality of the people in the town. Maybe they all see Sakurada as a world of its own.

Also, what happened to Nono?

I knew there was something off about that bird...

Is this just some generic negative aspect of the dream world or does it have to do with the fact that nighttime is when people are typically dreaming. The dream world has aspects that are the reverse of the real world, so maybe there's a connection somewhere.

Yeah, I figured as much.

This monster in the night isn't too shocking either.

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