Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Final Episode (12): So much justice!

Too many pieces of this final episode felt far too rushed, as if the series was scrambling to wrap itself up. While I respect that it tried to get through everything, it made for a disappointing viewing experience. Did we even find out why the big bad was so obsessed with fighting Glenn? And after the entire series was over, the Akashic Records were never anything more than a name drop. I admit that this series was overall more interesting than I expected it to be. But as a whole, I don't think it really amounted to much. Maybe I'm just missing too much information from this adaptation. Do I also get to gripe that there was no after-credits scene in this episode?

A wedding ceremony? That sounds like a pretty convenient event for Glenn to interrupt. I guess he skipped the duel because he needed to make a bigger entrance.

Don't do that, Rumia! Unleash Leeroy!

That happened sooner than I expected. This episode went straight from "Sistine is having a wedding ceremony" to "now we're at the wedding ceremony". I guess having Glenn miss the duel was just a way to end the previous episode on a cliffhanger because Rumia starts this episode by confirming that Glenn left with a plan.

This feels a bit heavy-handed to me. Sistine tells Glenn that Leos is a completely different person right as they're attacked by people high on Angel's Dust. It's practically screaming that the two are linked.

It's really unfortunate that we're just now being shown the link between Sara's death and the current situation. It feels like it was something that could have been set up more as the arc progressed. Instead, Sara's introduction to the series feels random, but it magically becomes related at the climax of the story.

So, is his plan to use the Angel's Dust-driven citizens to kill powerful mages? The Angel's Dust doesn't feel relevant yet, so I'm kinda wondering what's going on.

Isn't this only the second time the Akashic Records have been mentioned in this series? We're at the final episode...something doesn't add up. And when all is said and done, it seems to be a glorified MacGuffin device.

Sistine gets in some good words here, I guess. This scene also seems to be the reason we were shown that training scene a few episodes back, the one where Glenn teaches Sistine about military magic. Now, we just need to avoid an unnecessary flashback to that scene and we're good.

The big, impressive avatar of justice goes down in a single shot from Sistine...come on.

Sigh...yep, that's pretty subtle, guys.

This mana deficiency thing ends up being pretty tame for how flustered Glenn was when Jatice pointed it out.

Helpful as always, Celica.

Final Score: 6/10 (Maybe 6.5?)

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