Suka Suka Episode 10: Everything is solved

Well, this certainly seemed like an uplifting episode. I definitely didn't see any flags that would suggest that tragedy may be approaching! We just got some nice confessions for this love story! What could possibly go wrong? The big reveal of the episode wasn't too surprising. I guess I should give the series credit for not explicitly stating it and instead giving really painfully conclusive evidence. Either way, it looks like next week is going to bring everyone into battle. I recall Grick saying something about it being unlikely that another beast would attack them because they had fought a territorial one recently. I guess not...

I guess it makes sense that they wouldn't assume that Willem is a human. This screenshot seems like it would be pretty useful outside of this context.

We're back to this, I see.

Based on what I've said in earlier episodes, do I even want to know the answer to this question? Also, I'd be more critical of Rhan's impression of Willem, but they've made it a point to show us that Rhan has been researching the beasts.

While this is a fun joke and all, it's later revealed that Rhan and Nopht aren't following Willem. Why is this even relevant?

I was initially wondering why this argument was happening, but I guess most people in this series are used to being in the floating islands. Therefore, it would make sense for Grick to be this confident in his experience with underground exploration. I guess the question still stands, though, since Willem quickly tricks the commanding officer into listening to Grick.

She looks familiar. Also, nice name.

Are you starting to realize something about Chtholly, Willem?

This can't be good.

Wait, really? That was easy. I can't believe he just found the sword in storage. Was the scene right before this one meant to mislead us into thinking that Lapidemsibilus was still underground?

What could this mean? If I had any doubts that beasts were formerly humans, they're gone now...

Come again?

I'm really curious about Willem's mental state here. I'm inclined to believe he's being genuine when he says this stuff about wanting to live for Chtholly. He just realized something pretty big, so it's possible that he also realizes that he can get through it with Chtholly's help. However, I'm wondering if that's a bit too convoluted...this could just be a knee-jerk reaction to an unstable mental state.

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