Seikaisuru Kado Episode 9: Control

This episode felt like a mixed bag for me. It dropped a ton of new information that explains a lot of what the series is trying to push, but I'm not entirely convinced that I like this direction. I think last week's episode brought up the legitimate concern of advancing humanity's innovation too quickly, but it feels like that will get pushed to the side as two anisotropic beings fight it out. Basically, I see this as an over-simplification of the plot that directs us to only a few potential outcomes. I'm kinda hoping I'm wrong about that...we'll have to see where this goes. I liked the reveal that Tsukai was another anisotropic being, though. I didn't expect it to go this way, and her position from last week makes a bit more sense now.

Wasn't there a scene from one of the last two episodes where the news crew was chatting with Setten from within Kado? I didn't point it out back then because I saw no reason why they couldn't transmit, but this seems to be a direct contradiction.

I'm not going to even pretend like I could interpret this.

We're already on the fourth object? Maybe it's the ending of last week's episode that's clouding my judgment, but this looks much more sinister than the others.

Are we preparing for war against Yaha-kui? It sounds like you're trying to beat his defense system.

First, we give humans unlimited energy. Next, we give them the ability to live without sleep. Then, let's wrap things up by giving them to control the physical properties of the universe. Seems reasonable.

I don't understand what's going on with this crazy rotation scene...

Wait, is this supposed to suggest that the only being appropriate for Shindo is an anisotropic being? Because there aren't many options in that category...

I'm not sure I understand this analogy. A CPU is generally meant to transform data, so increasing the number of dimensions (and with it the number of bits) should have more of an effect on memory use. If you wanted to make the CPU comparison, I would compare it to cores.

Uhh,'re looking a little crazy over there. Is he saying he wants humanity to be a fountain of information? Is that what he meant when he said that humans would never be able to produce more than they consume? The anisotropic might be absorbing all of their excess information.

Oh crap, this series is going for the "universe is a simulation" interpretation.

I have historically had an issue with this "humanity is the pinnacle of intelligence" idea, and this series is not helping with it. Still, the idea of a universe as being the result of some finite set of initial parameters is a concept I've thought over before...

We're stepping into some sketchy territory here...

Yup, I guess he's going to be evil...

Okay, I wasn't expecting this.

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