Attack on Titan Episode 36: Choosing sides

I think the best moments in this episode for me were the ones showing the lengths that people are taking to save Eren. When you take a step and think about it, it feels weird to all of this for a character like Eren, but I guess his personality isn't important when he has crazy Titan powers. But other than that, I don't really have much else to say about this episode. Next week, we'll probably see all of the might of the special Titans get eclipsed by a seemingly mundane Titan.

Ahh...everyone's riding off into the sunset. I hate to ruin the illusion, but are the horses, Armored Titan, and regular Titans really all going at the same speed?

Wait, it sounds like Ymir's argument is that the Titans aren't so bad if you overlook the fact that they're always trying to eat humans. That can't be right, can it?

Wow, Bertholdt...that's a hell of a guilt trip. I'll be surprised if this works.

I'm all for pretty waterfalls and everything, but is this supposed to be some kind of nod to the idea that Ymir has been getting caught up in the flow of things? I'm not great at this.

I know we saw this in the preview last week, but this is honestly frightening. The yandere found us!

The gang's back together.

It's kind of interesting to have this flipped back on Bertholdt. It shows the difference in sincerity between the two approaches.

Eren is the chosen one!

Are these guys put in this episode just to be the butt of every joke? They really serve no purpose as far as I can see.

Erwin had to have allowed himself to be eaten on purpose. There's no way he didn't see this Titan. This guy's insane...

I guess this is meant to show how distracted Mikasa becomes when she's trying to save Eren. You'd think that someone with her skills would notice the Titan standing nearby.

Armin's desperate attempt to be helpful here is pretty cool. He realizes that he has to throw away his pride to save Eren and uses Annie to his advantage. It's about time he was useful.

Gasp! We know this Titan!

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