Sakurada Reset Episode 10: Back from the beginning

I still can't decide whether I like this series overall or not. I think I'm starting to come around as more information is put on the table. This week's episode did a pretty good job of putting things from the past episodes together to bring back Sumire. I was quite surprised that they handled it so quickly. I thought for sure it would end up being some kind of climax for the series. Instead, it looks like we're headed towards some other kind of story before the first half of the series is finished.

I liked Kei's flashback this week too, because it seemed to say something similar to what I've said about this series in the past. This series can be strange and confusing, but that tends to lead me to a few explanations that can possibly make any sense. Kei does the same when he deduces why the Bureau is interested in him.

I was wondering why we're seeing this scene again for the third time, but this line is new. It either suggests that Kei will change the future with the knowledge he gets from the Witch or that Misora's resets are changing the future. I'm personally guessing that it's the latter. I'm getting tired of hearing about Sumire in these repeats, though. That part of the scene hasn't changed.

Ahh, I see what you're trying to do here, Kei. If you can bring a petal out of the photograph by using this combination of abilities, you might also be able to bring out a human. I thought he was just testing to see if he could go into the photograph more than once using Misora's reset ability.

I feel like I should know who this guy is...

I think I understand what they're trying to accomplish here, but it still feels weird. It feels like a paradox for Kei's power to supersede the rules of the town, but Kei's introduction to the town of Sakurada heavily features the idea of breaking the rules of the world with abilities. Kei then proceeds to break the rules of the town himself with his own ability.

How exactly does the Bureau erase someone from existence without leaving the town?

Sakagami? That's the power sharing guy, right? I see...he's trying to share Murase's power with Sumire since she can't hold Sumire in her hand like a petal. I was wondering how that would work.

So, I guess we finally have confirmation that the MacGuffin was an actual MacGuffin in this series. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea that this was all Sumire's plan.

This line reminds me of conversations I've had in the past about the concept of knowing the future. I've said something similar where either you can have perfect knowledge of the future, trapping yourself into a deterministic chain of events, or free will exists and the future you see is constantly changing.

This idea of using the message power to determine whether this Sumire is real or fake is interesting and also a bit confusing. It only makes sense if Sumire can see anyone's future. If she can only see the future of someone she touches (like the Witch), then she should be able to test her theory by looking at her own future. If she can see events past her own death, then the clone version of herself is real. But maybe that delves into a level of identity philosophy I'm not equipped to explore. Personally, I would argue that the clone is a different "self", but these concepts are admittedly quite complicated.

Perhaps Sumire wanted to create a fake version of herself. That might be why she goes to such great lengths to confirm whether or not she's the real Sumire. Maybe she's trying to break the Bureau or something. She makes it sound like we'll find out soon, but it's hard to tell with anime time.

This last line is interesting. It initially sounds like she's answering Kei's question about hearing the message from herself, but then she bounces the question back to Kei. It's like she wants him to decide whether he will consider her to be the same Sumire or not regardless of what is ultimately true.

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