Suka Suka Episode 9: Ghosts

The reveal in this episode was pretty interesting and I'm hoping I get to talk a bit more on the concept of identity as the show goes on. I don't really have anything specific to say about the rest of the Chtholly stuff in the episode. I think the show has been working for me so far, but I can't pinpoint anything specific about it that I would use to describe it when recommending it to others. But it's probably still a bit too early for that. Plenty of time left in the series, right? This is totally a happy series! I've been saying it all of this time!

I thought we were done with this, guys.

This statement makes me really think that Almita was in no danger last week. Literally everyone treats Chtholly's actions to save her as a waste of time.

So, are they being taken over by another personality or are their personalities and memories getting reset? From Ithea's explanation, it seems to be the latter, but it doesn't explain the red-haired girl. Also, this is a pretty casual reveal for a somewhat important point (that I was definitely not spoiled on before watching).

Hiding things from Willem? This won't end well.

Back to normal?

I think I complained about Chtholly's memory loss initially, but I think they've gotten a bit more subtle about it as time goes on. Here, it's pretty obvious that she forgot who Collon is, but no one really calls her out on it. I wonder if they're building to some big moment where Willem reveals that he's noticed everything.

Am I thinking too much about this scene? It seems like a throwaway line from Willem, but it suggests that Chtholly's new interest in sewing might be coming from...other things.

Hah! I knew it! I much prefer this style of presentation over having someone say some random line like "what's wrong?" or "you having trouble remembering" every time Chtholly has her little hiccups.

Wait, are those initials? Is Chtholly putting those there so she can remember who everyone is? That's kinda cool and kinda sad at the same time...

Happy...Trollmas, everyone?

So the only point of that side excursion with that character I've already forgotten was to bring us these dresses? I'd say that's acceptable.

To me, identity is a really fun topic, and I think there's something to be said about the ideas that are being introduced in this series. I'll wait to see where it goes before I make any more comments on it. The general idea is asking at what point we distinguish one personality from another and whether that can be called death.

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