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I know that Magane's got a bit of a weird personality, but this episode really made me like her more as a character. Sure, she introduces a lot of chaos to the series, but I find her behavior to be very consistent and reasonable based on her goal. I was also surprised that Mamika actually died. It gives this series a good chance to show us how they're going to treat character death. Anyway, I think I say enough in the rest of the post, so I'll leave it at that! Next week, Alice might end up defecting or something...

Magane seems like she would be the most interesting character to find a dying Mamika. Sure, we might want Alice to finally come to her senses, but this is an encounter between the most developed character in the series and the newest character. Also, did she just eat a blood-coated corndog?

Mamika could give at least part of her message to Alice here, but instead chooses to say her name multiple times. She was at the riverbed with Alice, so she should know better than to trust Magane, but I guess she's probably not thinking straight due to the general lack of oxygen to her brain. Plus, stories need misunderstandings, right?

Wow, Mamika actually got an on-screen death. That's pretty definitive. I honestly wasn't sure whether they'd actually let her die. Of course, there's always the possibility that she gets brought back as an enemy later since Altair's able to reach into other worlds. But that's definitely not going to happen...

This misdirection fits Magane's character, but Alice's reaction to this is frustrating. Also, Magane specifies that Mamika's message involved someone who's "actually trying to destroy the world", which Alice should really suspect because she already knows that Altair is trying to destroy this world. Magane wouldn't know that, so she wouldn't be able to tell that Mamika says "they were right" to indicate that Altair means to destroy every world, not just the one they're currently inhabiting. This is why I think Magane's behavior makes sense while Alice's behavior doesn't. Maybe just use the trauma excuse...

While this is kinda funny to watch, I have to point out that we're watching Magane brag about how easily she tricked Alice without technically lying. Surely this isn't difficult to accomplish.

I quite enjoyed watching Magane's breakdown of Sota's body language and her subsequent deductions. Even if she's somewhat chatty, she certainly adds to the show with it.

So now Magane's blackmailing Sota into misleading Selesia? I can't even get upset with her because it's really Sota's own fault for being in this situation.

I know this looks like a simple statement that Magane watched her bleed to death, but I wonder if the "so much blood" part is meant to make fun of the excessive blood trope in anime.

Oh boy...another reason for Sota to beat himself up inside...

Mirokuji's here to save the day! I knew I was right to believe in this guy.

He still hasn't told Meteora about his connection Altair, but I'll take this as a sign that he'll be doing it when the battle dies down. Finally!

What exactly does Meteora mean when she says Magane can reverse cause and effect? Is it just a world-bending power? And does the effect have to relate to the lie she forces the target to deny?

That can't be good.

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