Attack on Titan Episode 35: Christa obsession

This week's episode was pretty interesting in that it set up Ymir more as a character by introducing some backstory from a later chapter. I don't think it's necessarily bad since she felt less interesting when I was originally reading, but I think the scene introduces some concepts from later in the series. I'm kinda wondering how that will affect the progression of the anime since I already know this stuff. That aside, I guess next week is finally the big confrontation between Titans and Scouts?

I have no idea why this guy is so flustered. I guess he probably hasn't seen the Titan stuck in the house yet, but we certainly have. Additionally, the dialogue referencing the lack of blood and the presence of the horses is rehashing reasoning that we've seen already. I guess this entire scene is meant to confirm what we've already suspected or something.

This looks like more babble that's meant to set up something later in the series. I should probably pay attention.

What exactly does this accomplish? I mean I'm not surprised, but still...

Is Bertholdt saying that people who become Titans will always forget eating a human specifically? That makes sense and sounds like an interesting idea because it calls motive into question. Did Bertholdt forget the guy he ate on the wall? Surely he wouldn't if he had the foresight to take the guy's gear. Maybe Bertholdt was saying that they always forget the first human they eat or something, but Ymir says she was wandering for 60 years.

Wait...did Ymir just notice the smoke signals? It's the only conclusion I can draw given her confusion with Reiner's haste here and her reaction to seeing the smoke signals in the next scene. How the heck did she miss them?

I'm honestly surprised Ymir doesn't jump off of Bertholdt's back.

I'm assuming these guys picked Ymir because she looked the most like the king or something. I'm still wondering why the blood of the king makes her worthy of worship, but I guess it's not important to this story.

Hmm, this flashback makes it seem like Ymir was turned into a Titan and had to eat a human to return to human form. It certainly explains the "forgetting" thing from earlier in the episode. This flashback also does a decent job of explaining why Ymir and Christa are similar.

Join my suicide mission or I will make your life difficult!

Hey, this looks like a casual nod to the idea that the Military Police are terrible at their job! Random soldier dies!


I feel like I've seen this before...

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