Sakurada Reset Episode 9: Back to the past

I found this episode to be more interesting than I expected it to be. While there's still a lot we don't know, this episode did manage to answer a few of my questions from the series. I'm starting to get real curious how this series will look when everything gets laid out on the table. Anyway, it looks like next week's episode will finally complete the first arc in the series by having Kei meet with Sumire in the picture. I hope it's not too cryptic...

One interesting idea that was brought up in this episode was Kei's story of the man who is saved by a reset. He mentions that the man could start a family with a woman who could have otherwise started an even happier family. Because of the nature of the reset ability, it tends to be very restricted in its scope. As such, we never get a good glimpse at the far-reaching effects the ability can have. While it seems noble for Kei to save people with the reset, we have no way of seeing whether these actions can cause misfortune in the future. Perhaps things would have been better if certain people weren't saved. I think Kei's motivation is simply to reduce the amount of suffering that he has to see. It's an immediate thing. I've said for a while that Kei really isn't a moral person, so I think it plays into his character.

What the heck is this sentence? Anyway, this entire introduction to the episode is nothing new. It just suggests that this week's episode will be taking place in the past.

This teacher clearly knows that the incident with the boy using his ability was an accident, so why is the solution to the problem just to go back in time and pretend it never happened? This only makes sense if the boy did something particularly traumatizing to his friend.

This should explain why the present Kei always insists that Misora can't use her reset without his orders, but I feel like it really doesn't. It doesn't really make sense for Misora to block her reset ability because of Sumire's death. It was Kei's call that caused it to happen. The reason her reset isn't activating is likely because she decided she would only follow Kei's orders. The block is coming from the fact that Kei himself is unable to ask for a reset because of the consequences of his seemingly benign reset two weeks earlier.

Well, I had already guessed that resets don't change the flow of events without the intervention of another ability user, but I think it's the first time in the series that this has been established. There's a fun discussion about free will that's possible here, but I'll save it for another time. I'll just say that I define free will as the ability to make a different decision when it is presented a second time, something the reset allows to happen.

Okay, this is new. It still doesn't seem related to Sumire's death, but it explains why Misora refuses to reset unless Kei orders her to do it. Now that she knows someone can remember her resets, someone she cares about, she doesn't want her decision to use the power to cause him pain.

Yeah, that's not foreshadowing at all.

It sounds like her ability involves creating some sort of separation between two things. If she put some kind of invisible barrier (or fence) between a chunk of the Moon and the rest of it, she could create a hole. Similarly, she could place a similar barrier around the bridge to keep people from falling off. It sounds like she adopts Kei's "fence" terminology just to force certain assumptions about her ability, so I'm not entirely sure.

The US motto for KitKat is "gimme a break", so I looked this up. Apparently, "have a break" is the international motto. Either way, seeing the KitKat motto used for this line made me cringe.

It's nice to see the show actually acknowledging the far-reaching effects of the reset.

I think it's also interesting that Haruki sees through Kei's words here. It makes her seem like less of a mindless reset bot.

I guess this is a pretty reasonable thing for Kei to do.

This scene gives me a troubling thought. How much of Misora's thought process throughout this episode was invalidated by this reset? I feel like I have to consider that every time it looks like Misora is taking a step forward.

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