Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode 9: Not Real

I can't tell whether I'm becoming more critical of this series or it's actually making less sense. I didn't really mind Riel's story all that much, but there were a lot of points in this episode that didn't make sense to me. Also, I was really surprised that the boss's plan was just to recreate Project Revive Life. If Rumia is so important to the Researchers of Divine Wisdom because she's needed for the Akashic Records, then why do they capture her so many times to use her for non-Akashic Records projects?

Any doubts I might have had about Riel being a "revived" person are pretty much gone now.

I'd like to point out that this is the second time that we're seeing Sistine used as a mana reservoir. There have only really been three arcs in this series, so it's starting to seem like this is all she contributes.

Is this really true, though? Albert claims that Glenn has no right to save Riel because he was the one who originally pushed her over the edge. However, I think you could easily make the argument that it's his responsibility to bring her back. The better argument might be that Riel has no reason to believe Glenn's words.

Should you be saying this right in front of Riel? If he's really her brother, then it's not really much of an accomplishment. But if he's not really her brother, then you're just giving her a reason to suspect that he's playing her. Also, the casual nature of this reveal that the tour guide is working for the Researchers of Divine Wisdom reflects my lack of surprise.

Yeah! We still need to see a reason for that close combat training scene. There's no way it was just for fanservice, right?

Didn't Glenn collapse after firing 2 or 3 of these earlier in the series? Should he be wasting it on small fry? Sistine's not here to bail him out this least not yet.

Yeah, I remember this guy being really helpful when the school was attacked. I'm curious why these scenes are being included here. It's almost like they're meant to convince Sistine not to interfere.

This response from Glenn confuses me.

Eh...I don't really have a problem with the brother's name being the thing that snaps Riel out of it.

I don't understand. If the spell is meant to bring someone back to life, why was it used to clone a living person? Were they planning on keeping Riel in stasis until Ilushia died? Was Ilushia already dying? Or were they just making a very expensive clone?

More importantly, does this mean that I actually have to start using "Re=L"? I really don't want to do it...

Pfft..."perfect" clones? Do they have plot armor? I didn't think so!

What about the original spell? Weren't you using Rumia as a replacement? Maybe she's saying they'll just capture Rumia yet again.

Yup, these are still funny. Plus, I've been wondering about Celica's screen time too.

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