Seikaisuru Kado Episode 7: Pretty trippy

Well, we got a pretty entertaining episode that sets up the next anisotropic device and also sets up a conflict of sorts for the series. Sansa certainly has some cool implications and relates a lot to my scientific knowledge, so it should make for an interesting arc. I'm not entirely convinced by the conflict, though. Sure it makes sense for people to reject Yaha-kui's advancement, but I'd be interested to see the reasoning this series provides.

I've been kinda curious for a while about how much the story would be different if Sansa was introduced before Wam. This week's episode gives a viable reason why Wam had to go first (the fact that it was easier to produce), but it was also much harder to accept. While Sansa has some moral implications when it comes to messing with the mind, it seems overall much safer to use than Wam. I guess that will have to wait until we learn more about the limitations of Sansa.

Can we take a moment to think about this tablet? For some reason, it tells the user what the local time zone is, but it doesn't say what the actual time is.

This guy's been in the background a lot in this series, so I guess it's time for him to be important.

Haha this is funnier than it really should be. There's something really realistic and a bit sad about a group of people complaining that Kado is blocking the sun.

There's also something funny about basing a bunch of merchandise on a cube. Now I'm really curious. Would that actually work?

I'm not sure I understand what exactly is being conveyed here. Is this meant to suggest that Gonno's desirable trait is the courage to just do things? I'm honestly surprised he's the only reporter to think like this. Maybe it's a combination of guts and an earnest desire to spread information.

It looks like Yaha-kui has been doing some decorating.

These are some crazy anisotropic drugs.

This is an interesting idea, but it makes me wonder how much information each individual shares with the rest. Does each cross-section have its own independent brain? I imagine it's a shared brain because Shindo mentions that he is able to avoid sleep by keeping one cross-section awake while the others sleep. You would have very different storage of information between cross-sections if they were independent. I also wonder if this is a nod to the old myth that you only use 10% of your brain.

Also, how does becoming aware of your other brains help you utilize them? Aren't they attached to other bodies? Are you able to just click a switch in your brain and shuffle your brains around?

Hmm...Yaha-kui needed the government's help to get Wam out across the borders that humanity had established. I'm curious why the media is appropriate for getting Sansa out there.

I think it's funny that Shindo casually tricks Yaha-kui into wearing a mask to hide his identity.

Putting this here for no reason in particular.


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