Attack on Titan Episode 34: Titan talk

Well, it looks like we've got another quieter episode this week. I say that as a reference to the lack of action, because there was certainly a lot of yelling. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but Eren was particularly insufferable in this episode. His logic really made no sense and a portion of the episode was devoted to getting him up to speed on stuff we already know (the Beast Titan specifically). That being said, I thought the focus on Reiner was pretty interesting. The mind break discussion explains why he was willing to go to such lengths to protect his friends. Anyway, it looks like we'll get back to the fighting next week since the Scouts have arrived.

Huh? Does Hange trust this guy to take note of the details she would catch? Why is it sufficient for him to go in her place? She should at least tell him what she hopes to see.

Ymir says this like it's supposed to help explain anything. Her condition was caused by a completely different situation than Eren's condition, so why does the comparison even matter?

Titans can be afraid? That's new.

Am I missing something? It sounds a lot like the only reason Eren has doubts here is the fact that Reiner decided to stop at these trees. That's a lot of weight put on someone he can't trust.

What exactly is stopping them from doing this right now? I really don't understand Eren's logic.

Reiner's acting pretty wimpy for someone who took a Titan bite to the arm like a champion.

Man, Reiner's mind must have really snapped if he's saying stuff like this.

This stuff about Reiner and his unstable mind. It makes a bit sad that I didn't look out for hints at it in his behavior. Just how set up was this revelation? Either way, it kinda explains why Bertholdt has such a small presence in the group. He can't be confident speaking to Reiner because he's not sure whether he's talking to the soldier or the warrior.

I kinda agree with Reiner here. Eren's doing his standard yelling thing, but I don't think it really accomplishes anything here.

Oh right...I forgot that Eren doesn't really know anything about the Beast Titan yet.

Uhh...what? These guys went on about how they broke the wall, but they want Ymir to believe they would protect Christa in particular? I know Reiner had the scene with her in the tower, but that's kinda pushing it.

Why does Eren keep asking this? Is he just asking for specifics on the Beast Titan? Surely there's a better way to ask than yelling about "the enemy".

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