Little Witch Academia Episode 20: Why did it have to be snakes?

Phew, this week's episode was quite fun to watch. I know I take my shots with this episode, but my overall impression of it is surprisingly positive. I think the series has been doing a good job of developing its characters in the second half. I'm happy to have a better understanding of Diana's motivations and background. It's actually making me reconsider how much I really know about the other characters. Anyway, I'm a little sad that we have to get back to that sketchy business with Croix after this.

Yeah, Akko. I'm sure that will convince Diana to listen to you. I learned that "Venusian" is a word.

Oh no! It's an opportunity for Akko to save the day again! Also, Diana was clearly standing on the plant bridge when the snakes attack her, but she's magically on the platform in this picture. Sorry, I couldn't resist pointing that out.

Squirrels are the natural enemies of witches! That aside, I'm not really surprised by this revelation, but Diana is a much more interesting character if she has this kind of backstory. Plus, this gives her a chance to relate with Akko, right?

Did this series just give Akko the convenient conversation where the bad guys reveal their evil plan so she can interfere with it? Sigh...

I know that Akko is impulsive and all, but how does she not notice Diana or the snakes before attempting to cross this plant bridge?

I was going to ask that too.

I have to admit that using a water drop in this shrine to represent the tears that Diana wouldn't shed while talking about her deceased mother is a nice touch.

Aww...they're friends now.

I'm torn on this. I liked that this scenario gave Diana another chance to show her compassion at the expense of the ritual, but it makes no sense that these three are here in the first place. How could they have known that Diana was coming here to do the ritual? They were clearly content to put their feet up and wait for the eclipse to pass before Akko overheard them.

Wait, is Diana's goal at Luna Nova related to the card? Is she searching for Shiny Chariot too? It would certainly make sense.

This is the correct reaction.

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