Suka Suka Episode 7: The cake was not a lie

I'm really not sure how I should feel about this episode. I didn't really have a problem with Chtholly's interactions in this episode and the mystery surrounding her condition, but it feels a bit odd to introduce two new characters at this point. Did I just miss a bunch a bunch of hints about these two? It also seems to trivialize Chtholly's suicide mission a bit. But that aside, I didn't mind seeing the romance play out in this episode. Yup...nothing to worry about in this series...

That hair color looks familiar.

Humanity was a mistake. Anyway, this conversation seems to be another hint at the link between humans and beasts. I don't really think it gives any new information, though.

Is Chtholly really just covering the red hair with a hat? I guess it's already highly likely that everyone will find out in this episode anyway, but I would have expected her to just cut the hair.

I hadn't really thought about it too much before this point, so it kinda surprised me that this information was privileged. But that aside, how relevant is this Grick guy supposed to be? The two leprechauns look pretty important, but Grick doesn't seem like much.

Yeah, Chtholly! It's a perfectly reasonable request. Maybe it's just me, but I was a bit annoyed that this scene cut after Nygglatho starts telling Chtholly about her body. It would make sense if you were trying to hide something from the audience, but Chtholly's condition gets revealed after about two minutes pass.

Hey, maybe Chtholly's body is becoming human or something. Then she could be with Willem?

The fact that Nygglatho is a troll in this world is so great. I found it really funny that Chtholly follows along with her reasoning when she's talking about keeping Willem here with marriage.

Why does that matter, Chtholly? You're in your room right now. It's not like anyone else is watching. Just eat the cake!

Huh...for once, the promise before big battle was fulfilled. I guess it's cheating if the promise comes so early in the series.

While I understand what's going on here, I wonder if Willem's request will have some ramifications back at home. Sure, everyone understands Chtholly's situation and Willem's feelings for her, but doesn't it seem a bit unfair? Maybe I'm over-thinking it. After all, the other leprechauns don't really have a problem with going into battle because they consider it to be their purpose.

Where the heck have these two been?

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