Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho Episode 7: Trust issues

I think I like the episodes like this one that focus on Mercenary and his daily troubles more than the ones that focus on the politics of the witch society. It's interesting to see how Mercenary's world has been shaped. That being said, there was a surprising amount of reused content in this episode. I have no problem with flashbacks that seem relevant, but I didn't really understand what they were adding in this episode.

Also, Thirteen still doesn't make sense. Does he really just want to keep Zero locked up in a cage? He seems pretty obsessed with the idea that Zero should still be in the cave. Why? What would make him think like that?

Yeah, I'm pretty depressed too, Mercenary. The first two minutes of this episode were in last week's episode.

Those darn witches are taking all of our food!

I guess the show knows how much we want to see how Zero and Mercenary's fight is resolved. Just look! They're right back to focusing on how the beastfallen are treated!

Was anyone else bothered by how abruptly this cooking scene started? It was over before I realized what was happening.

Honestly, part of me was expecting this tavern girl to be Zero in disguise. Maybe I put too much value on eye color...

I think it would have been nicer to see more scenes like this before Mercenary betrayed Zero. We're shown why Mercenary might have trouble trusting even the nice gestures that humans offer him. It's really hard to blame him for having some form of doubt when dealing with someone as mysterious as Zero.

Seriously? There's another flashback in this episode?

Aren't these witches similar to the ones that attacked Mercenary in the first episode? Were those just rogue witches? I guess it's not important.

I think this conversation illustrates what I was assuming last week. I don't really get the sense that Zero is upset with Mercenary...she's probably just hurt.

I was going to say something about the lack of wound on Mercenary, but this protection spell seems to explain that. I'm a bit worried about this, though. I guess there's still time for Mercenary to realize that Zero was devoted enough to him to protect him, but this feels like something he will find out when he reunites with her. How are they going to motivate him to search for Zero again?

I think there's a message in here somewhere about heavy stereotyping encouraging people to follow the negative stereotypes. Maybe they're trying to say that the beastfallen wouldn't necessarily resort to allowing their rampage to run wild if people didn't constantly reinforce the idea that they can't control themselves.

I've seen the theory that Albus is actually Sorena's granddaughter and his current role in the story is making me really want to believe it.

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