Spring 2017 Other Shows in the Season

Since we're not getting an episode of Seikaisuru Kado this week, I'm gonna take this chance to go through my favorite series in the season that aren't already getting mentioned on this blog.

Quan Zhi Gao Shou (King's Avatar)

In case you're not familiar with this series, it's a Chinese animation about a professional MMORPG player who is kicked from his team. He then decides to start over from scratch with a new character and uses his experiences to get back to the top. I've seen it mentioned that this series has a lot of esports elements involved, but I'm not entirely sold on that yet. I still think the major focus of the series so far has been establishing the elements of the game they're playing, Glory.

However, I think the esports references that have been made so far are the parts of this series that have me so interested. There's a particular scene in the series where the main character, Ye Xiu, is watching a live stream of his former team's match that was really cool because of the team strategy that Ye Xiu explains. I also wonder how long Ye Xiu will be able to keep winning in the game. At this point, it's acceptable that he can't be beaten because he's arguably the best player in the game, but it can't go on forever.

I'm not sure whether this is restricted in certain countries, but you can find this series with English subtitles on Tencent's youtube channel. It also has Chinese subtitles, which is pretty cool for me (being the disgrace to my Chinese family that I am).

Tsuki ga Kirei

There are plenty of other posts about this series out there, and I'm definitely not going to be able to do much better. This series can be pretty easily described as "two middle school students fall in love", but it still managed to keep me entertained. I'm not sure if that's just because I was spending a lot of time thinking "just tell him/her already", but I still think that the series has had a lot of really endearing moments (the light switch boxing thing is really cool). I think my overall opinion of this series is "if you thought the beginning was boring, that's probably not going to change, but I think it's fun".

Boku no Hero Academia S2

Honestly, I probably wasn't nearly as hyped about this second season as most people were, but I've been enjoying it a lot more than I expected. A lot of the issues I had with the first season revolved around the way that Izuku got his power, the second season has the advantage of having already gotten past that. I also think the second season is doing a good job of forcing Izuku to use his head and avoid using his power. The one thing that I find worrying so far is the fact that Izuku holds his power back when using it against another person. If he becomes too reliant on that fact, it feels like a cheat, so it's something I've been wary of while I'm watching.

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