Re:Creators Episode 7: Picking sides

I admit that I found a lot of the ideas presented in this episode to be pretty interesting. I still have my issues, but I appreciated Mamika's change in character and how that linked to the broader idea of how to deal with Magane. That being said, Sota's actions still confuse me, and I don't really understand why the creators have been so far in the background. They seem to be pivotal to the story, but they're mostly treated as though their work is done. Can they influence their creations at all anymore?

There was one thing in this episode that caught my interest. They focused really heavily on the idea that the characters might be changing, but not as much on why that might be happening. I wonder if it's some kind of reference to the idea that a character's motivations might not always match that character's actions. It's impossible to fully understand a person's actions, so it's not crazy for an author to get it wrong with their own character. This episode may have been pointing to that disparity as a source for the change in the Creations.

The translation for this opening scene is really strange. This sentence in particular is just confusing...there has to be a better way to communicate this thought.

I still can't tell if I'm overly biased because this guy is the Persona guy.

I'm is Mamika acting any different than the other Creations? She just seems like an extra competitor adding to the damage. Still, I like that the Creations aren't cleanly split into two sides. They each have their own motivations and targets.

Run! The giant robot's here!

Aww man. That's a pretty vague description of Magane's power. We already knew that much. Is it even worth mentioning?

Again, I'm not sure if this is the translation or anything, but it seems to be a complicated way to say a simple thing. Mirokuji even admits that it's a simple thought. It sounds like he's saying that the Creations were previously restricted into showing the parts of their personality pertinent to the story. Now that they're not longer following a script, they can act more in line with their character description. As a result, they can do things that you wouldn't expect them to do if you were judging solely on their actions in the source material.

These two make good bros.

Are there really no negative repercussions to murdering your creator? I suppose the Military Uniform Princess is going around just fine without a creator.

If you've already told Kikuchihara all of this information, why are you having this conversation? For the audience?

Huh? In what way are the genres of the Creations similar? Maybe he's trying to say that the fact that the Creations are all Japanese indicates that they're all based on the interests of the Military Uniform Princess's creator. It would make sense given that Sota knows many of the Creations. If he had a relationship with the girl who created the Military Uniform Princess, they might share interests.

Seriously, why did Sota need to wait until now to tell people who the Military Uniform Princess (I guess I should start calling her Altair) is? It doesn't seem to serve any purpose.

First off, how do neither of these two characters notice Magane? More importantly, Sota makes it sound like he's about to say that Altair is his Creation. The fact that he was only a collaborator was a good explanation for why he didn't recognize Altair immediately. If she's really his Creation, it's really surprising that he wouldn't notice immediately.

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