Sakurada Reset Episode 7: Haunted by the past

Honestly, I'm starting to feel like this series has a pattern of presenting explanations that sorta make sense and then dropping some big piece that doesn't make any sense. In this episode, it's Eri's statement to Kei near the end about giving Misora a bad memory. Earlier in the episode, we were told that a new application of Eri's power would remove a previous application. So, she would effectively be giving Misora her reset ability back. As long as the bad memory doesn't change Misora's resolve to follow Kei's lead, she won't remember any of it after Kei gives her to command to reset. So...why do it?

I also wonder if there are too many elements going on in this arc. There's Sasano's story going on in the background as well as a nod back to Sumire. How the heck are these all going to get linked together?

This memory of Sumire reminds me of the oddball questions she tends to ask. I'm starting to think it's a good thing she was removed from the show early.

This evidence seems a little bit convenient, but I guess the series needs to paint Eri's father as the generic bad guy.

Well, this seems like a bad flag. Misora's practically asking to lose her power. But she asks a fair question. I can't imagine how Kei would interact with Misora if she couldn't reset.

I really hope this is a bad translation. It doesn't seem like there's any sort of confirmation when Misora's save actually works, so I would hope that Kei is a lot more precise when he's making sure that 24 hours has passed.

I really hope that this scene is establishing Eri as someone who is intellectually on par with Kei. It would make this encounter a lot more interesting.

Okay, this definitely has to be the witch. It's also a very interesting use of her power combined with Sasano's power. This conversation also relates well with a previous conversation that Kei has. Kei is told that Eri is working for the Bureau, which would explain why she took Sasano's power.

That's very discreet.

I'm really curious why this doesn't work. I was honestly expecting Kei to come up with an explanation. Plus, it would clear up the remaining question I had from Murase's arc.

She knows!!

Darn, it seems I've been baited by the double meaning of the word "steal". This make sense too, but the conversation still leaves the open question of how Misora learned to use her power in the first place.

The fact that Eri refers to the stark contrast between the Kei of the past and the Kei of the present seems to reinforce something I've thought for a while now. In the first two episodes, I remember pointing out that many of Kei's actions to save Mari were extreme and arguably "evil" things to do. I think there was also a conversation about justice and evil between Sumire and Kei. It all suggests that Kei was not really a good person before he met Misora, which makes me feel a bit better about myself.

Why does the power activate only on Kei when Eri was the one who ripped the photograph?

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