Little Witch Academia Episode 19: In the family

I really must say that I find this series more entertaining when it's putting focus on its characters. It makes it feel a lot less like the characters are just bodies on a screen. Plus, it's about time they focused on Diana. I'm honestly curious to see where this arc will go. It almost seems like Akko will try to stop the ceremony that Diana is trying to perform to prevent her from leaving Luna Nova. I'm still really surprised that I know so little about the world of this series, but I see this episode and last week's episode as strong episodes that quell my earlier concerns with the show.

I do want to briefly mention my annoyance with the "problem of the week" style of this series, because it seems like the special broom that Constanze gave Akko last week has been entirely forgotten.

Remember that off-hand statement about trouble in the Cavendish family? Time to get back to that. Also, this memory once again mentions that Diana has the same goal as Akko. I just wish that the competition was played up a bit more. As it stands, Akko is the only one making progress towards unlocking that secret spell. Diana is really only there to give us some book knowledge about it.

I'm going to take a completely wild guess and say Diana's mother is either dead or comatose.

Speaking of which, when do witches graduate?

It's not really a secret if it's a tradition, is it? Unless it's a secret tradition? Plus, Diana gets on Akko's case, but she clearly told her friends that she was leaving today.

The chosen one! I can't think of another way this scene could have been presented, but it didn't make it any easier to watch.

Could this character look any more evil?

I stand corrected.

This scene is one of those smaller scenes that has a large effect. I thought that Akko's reaction to seeing Andrew again was perfect.

Wasn't there a news broadcast about civil unrest in last week's episode too? Is this supposed to be important? Maybe it's a clue?

Wait, Akko is Asian?

Sigh...I understand that Diana reacted to Akko's mention of the bear, but isn't she the least bit suspicious of the fact that Diana is removing this box?

I know that Akko has generally fighting with Diana, but did she not notice that Diana defended her just a few moments earlier? I suppose she could have thought that Diana was just trying to avoid personal embarrassment.

I wish I could feel more invested in this "crisis", but what exactly could Diana do to help the family? Generic aristocrat things?

I agree. Why would you try to sell magical items to someone who is very openly antagonistic towards witches?

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