Suka Suka Episode 6: Power of love

This week's episode gave some nice exposition about the world and did a good job of making up for last week's episode. At the very least, everything felt a lot more relevant. I definitely thought this episode would be some kind of solo operation while Chtholly suffered alone, so getting some casual background information on Willem was a welcome surprise. The episode also did a good job of making things look grim to give a more emotional ending. Maybe all that talk about this series being tragic were just a lie...maybe?

Hmm, he's talking about someone who used to be known for a unique skill and has suddenly resurfaced again. I wonder who that could be...

I had to check last week's episode because I wasn't paying attention to the name, but Souwong was the name the bunny gave to Willem. How the heck does Willem have old friends?

This scene seems to be answering my questions as they pop up in my head. I asked before how Willem could have a surviving friend after 500 years and Souwong immediately reveals the curse he placed on himself to survive. I was also about to ask how this guy was alive if Willem was supposed to be the last remaining human, but this is a pretty adequate answer. He considers himself to be dead and no longer human.

I'm not entirely sure, but I think the reference to Willem's tuning abilities answers a question I asked a while back about what Willem was doing with Chtholly's weapon. I'm guessing that was tuning.

I initially thought it was a little weird that Souwong was acting childish like this when he's lived a longer life than Willem, but I thought about it a little more and it might make sense. It's probably a nod to the idea that your behavior tends to revert when you meet up with old friends.

I was about to criticize the show for using a generic enemy when Eboncandle originally said that the beasts were humanity's sin, but it looks like he didn't mean that literally. The failed lab experiment isn't that much better, but I prefer it to the "manifestation of man's evil" idea. It would be even worse if the beasts were actually what was left of humanity.

Wait, is that what's happening with Chtholly? It would explain why she was so upset that Willem was leaving to meet Souwong. If she's aware of this process, she would realize that her time is running out and want to spend as much time with Willem as possible.


I'm not sure I fully understand this argument. Of course Willem is right that there is no longer a place for humanity on the surface, but is that the point? I thought the idea of returning to the surface is meant to get rid of the reliance on floating islands. Didn't Souwong basically say they could fall out of the sky at any point?

Wait, do I have to take back what I just said? Are the beasts truly a manifestation of man's evil nature? It sounds like the lab experiment thing was a lie...

The power of love is strong enough to overcome anything!

Hey, Ithea! You're ruining the moment! What's that supposed to mean?

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