Seikaisuru Kado Episode 6: Rolling, rolling, rolling

This episode was strange. I was pretty entertained, but I realized at the end that I had just watched a cube roll. What is wrong with me? As for my complaint of the episode, I was again annoyed that Shindo hid the way he moved the cube on the map as everyone stared in wonder. Did this really need to be hidden? This seems as pointless as it was the last time that this happened. But other than that, I think this episode was a good use of down time to evacuate everyone from the cube and introduce Shindo's mother.

This is exactly how it feels when you try to cook something based on a youtube video...

I know we're delving into dangerous territory here, but this "adapted to the anisotropic" concept is depressingly vague. Based on how Yaha-kui explains it, I'm guessing it has something to with brain plasticity. Still, it could also very easily be linked to a sense of curiosity or wonder.

Oh, this explains why Shindo is so important and why he took part in the Wam investigation. That explanation came sooner than I expected and was tied in with the process for creating the Wam.

Is that correct? Yaha-kui states that he doesn't want to move to Mongolia because it would hamper his communications with Japan, which means that the physical location does matter. Plus, Shindo's next statement is that he wants to be close to the Japanese government. Is this supposed to be taken metaphorically? The context of the situation makes it sound like this is another reference to physical distance.

I guess this is what's important for humans, but I'm surprised there are no environmentalists insisting that Kado be placed somewhere civilized to avoid interfering with the ecosystem (for example, by blocking sunlight from plants).

Haha there's something funny about saying that the advanced extra-dimensional cube must roll itself to a new location.

Also, I really like that they're pushing through with getting the passengers out of the cube. Because it's similar to a hostage situation, it was a point of potential drama, so it's nice to see it being forced out of the picture.

There's something really nice about this scene. It gives us a look into the softer side of Shindo's personality and introduces his mother in a way that also probes further into the nature of the anisotropic. This line in particular is enough for us to conclude that she is Shindo's mother, but it happens naturally in conversation.

Welcome back to the real world, buddy. Now get back to work! This scene was hilarious.

I won't lie. This looks pretty cool.

I didn't think about it before seeing this, but I'm surprised no one was curious enough to walk under the cube while it was moving to see what would happen. I guess you would normally assume that the cube would crush you.

Wait, the next step is getting rid of human reliance on sleep? I'm completely on board with this! But seriously, Shindo, how do you not notice that you haven't slept in a month?

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