Re:Creators Episode 6: Reasons to fight

This week's episode seemed to be trying to delve more into each character's motivations and give a little background, so I have to give it credit for that. The fighting has also returned, which is nice to see because the premise of the series seems to be suggesting that we won't get too many of these. Honestly, my main issue with this episode is probably the fact that Sota doesn't tell the good guys what he remembers about the Military Uniform Princess. That honestly makes no sense. Alicetaria is also the kind of person I find frustrating, but her actions still make sense within the context of her character.

Is Sota really going to hide the identity of the Military Uniform Princess? Why? What does that accomplish other than adding forced drama to the story? Just tell her!

Finally the last character appears.

Yeah, I get that this scene is supposed to be funny because Alice doesn't respect public property. But I'm more interested in why a bench is in that spot in the first place. It's blocking the passage under the bridge. If you ask me, it deserves to be taken apart.

Huh? I'm assuming this scene is meant to reinforce the assumption that the Creations on the "opposing" side are still decent and have only been misinformed. But I don't understand what this has to do with justice. Isn't justice built around intention? I wouldn't really say it's a measure of how "good" someone is.

Hmm, I thought the shopkeeper insisted that she was lying. Does the power require just the rejection of the lie in order to activate? Or did the shopkeeper actually believe the lie despite saying he didn't? I wonder how this works...

It seems like the lie is the important bit, but I would imagine Alice has a stronger will than the shopkeeper.

I mean, I don't necessarily disagree here. Alice did kinda assume that this new Creation was evil by deducing that she had killed someone and concluding that it was done out of malice.

While this is a fair point, I think there's a very simple response to it. I'm guessing it speaks volumes for Alice's character that she doesn't.

Mamika's stance here makes a lot of sense. Since she came from a magical girl series, she was probably used to resolving conflict through fighting, but this view was shattered during her first battle in this world. I can understand how Mamika could come to fear her original approach.

Alice, on the other hand, does something I see often. She is shown proof for a single "godly" power and then maps every similar power she knows to that being. If a god appeared to you tomorrow and showed you that it could walk on water, it would not be correct to assume that this god was immortal. In a nutshell, Alice is acting on unsubstantiated information.

Nice, we finally got a fight.

Well, I give credit to Mamika for making a decision in this episode.

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